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  • Invasive Species Essay

    INTRODUCTION Background Invasive species are defined as non-native species that invade ecosystems and propagate to a point where harm is induced on native species. Types and abundance of harm caused to native ecosystems can vary greatly depending on various biotic and abiotic factors. Although the amount of accredited research devoted to aquatic invasive species (AIS) doesn’t reach far beyond the past few decades, the natural history of invasive species surely does (Pysek, 2010). A great deal…

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  • Discrimination In Dark Swan

    or another getting to be diva. Very capable, yet she is exceptionally held. As the dance organization opens for another season, her executive picks her to assume the lead part as Swan ruler in an aspiring adjustment of a renowned story called "Swan Lake.” The part obliges that Nina play both the highly contrasting swans. Just about youngster like identity makes her a flawless white swan; in any case, she experiences difficulty getting into the character of the white swan's dim and enchanting…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Kenya, Africa

    The lengthy, cramped, and quiet bus ride to Living Hope Day School both excited and terrified me. A never ending stream of “what if” questions rattling my brain caused me think twice about what I was doing there in the first place. I was a stranger to them, someone whom they knew nothing about. I gazed out the window, trying to calm my thoughts when I saw them. An endless sea of purple sweaters, and cheery faces lined the fence at the school. All of my previous doubts washed away when I stepped…

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  • Bighead Carp Ecology

    carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) and silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) (Michigan Department of Natural Resources 2012). In the United States, the Bighead Carp have greatly affected the river ecosystems that it is also likely to invade the Great Lakes (Michigan Department of Natural Resources 2012). Therefore, the Bighead Carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) will be the focus of this management plan. The Bighead Carp belongs to the family Cyprinidae, which contains…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The Erie Canal

    travel without wind or current , this invention played a huge part in one of America’s greatest creation at this time period , the Erie canal. The creation of the Erie canal created a route from the Atlantic ocean of the Hudson river to the great lakes of lake Erie, helping stimulate the economy of America and the state of New york, which Erie canal ran through, because of Erie canal , it shaped America’s network inside and outside its borders during the Industrial Revolution by…

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  • Personal Essay: Growing Up In Michigan

    Growing up in Michigan has been a dream come true. The sights and sounds of the Upper Peninsula are something out of a picture book. Looking out your living room window and overlooking one of the Great Lakes is something not everyone gets to experience. Moving away brought me to another great lake, another beautiful view, and more sights to see. Living in Michigan is like a never-ending tour of sightseeing. I consider myself truly lucky to live in such a wonderful place. Michigan did not take…

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  • Sea Lamprey: The Cause Of The Trout Population

    population became unstable when the Sea Lamprey came to the Great Lakes. When the Sea Lamprey first came, the Trout had 200,000 Trouts in it’s population. But when the Sea Lamprey had 300,000, the Trout had under 5,000. Finally, when the Trout had 150,000, the Sea Lamprey had under 50,000. This is an unstable population because there…

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  • Ordeal By Hunger Summary

    The novel Ordeal by Hunger was written by George R. Stewart. Stewart was a professor, novelist, and American historian. Ordeal by Hunger was written about the Donner party and their westward movement. Environment and nature played a huge role in what happened to the people traveling. The Donner party is the most famous westward movement tragedy ever. The narrative was written to inform people about the tragedies and truth about westward expansion. It was written from an outside perspective,…

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  • Lady Of Shalott Essay

    In Part I, readers see the isle of Shalott with its tall towers and imprisoned, fairy-like Lady. The interior where she is embowered is “silent” and immovable, whereas the world outside hums along in a busy and cheerful way. The placement of the great city of Camelot by the river emphasizes the progress, purposefulness, and ever-present sense of movement and vitality of the men and women outside of the tower, in stark contrast to the Lady of Shalott. The fact that there exists a connection…

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  • French Explorer And Navigator Samuel De Champlain Analysis

    France where Champlain was from. In 1609 Champlain guided and provided another voyage for his crew and himself up the Richelieu River. He sailed and explored down the networks of narrow lakes between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Later Champlain named the lake we know as Lake Champlain after himself because he was the first navigator to map and describe it. In 1615 Champlain made another trip to Canada and this time he brought with him a tribe of…

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