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  • The Story Of Charulata

    The fragrance emitted by the lilies filled the air. The night blooming jasmine on the arbour opened their buds slowly releasing their scent. The cuckoo birds returned to their perch on the arbour. The setting sun cast a warm, orange glow across the village. The scene would have transported anyone to seventh heaven; especially, a poet or a painter. Lamps were turned on at all the homes. Radha watched the evening scene through a window in her home. She didn 't feel joy. She felt as if the setting Sun scorched her love sick heart. The fragrance emitted by the Jasmine irritated her. As if to block the scent, she started to shut the windows. Her heart heaved in her bosom as she moved through the house closing the windows. She reached the front veranda. The cows had started to return home. She stood still for a few minutes. The cowherds were nowhere to be seen amongst the cows. They would come later after the five hundred thousand cattle reached home. She looked behind her to see if her parents were nearby. Her father was busy preparing for the evening prayers and her mother was in the kitchen. She felt relieved. Today might be the day for her to see Him. She opened the door stealthily and slowly stepped out lest her ankle bracelets should ring. She was about to step on the threshold when she saw a shadowy figure lurking behind the tamarind tree. She peered hard at the figure. Could it be that her parents anticipated her move and were waiting to catch her? Twilight had set in…

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  • The Role Of Lakshmi In Sold

    the heart-rending story of a young girl 's struggles to survive, the novel Sold illustrates many important ideas, from the significance of loving relationships to the impact of poverty, and everything in between. Through the character of Lakshmi, an innocent girl stuck in poverty and a world of dishonesty, Patricia McCormick tells a story about the dehumanization of people, and the different struggles that are faced around the world. Lakshmi takes a journey through the life of being a sex slave…

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  • Lakshmi Questions And Answers

    beginning the person with the power was Lakshmi’s stepfather. He is not able to work but he uses Ama and Lakshmi to his advantage. Ama serves him even though he does not provide anything to the family. He takes the money for himself and gambles it away. He then sells Lakshmi into prostitution without Ama knowing. He abuses his power as the man of the house. He tells them they shouldn 't shame him because "A man who gambles away our earnings is better than no man at all." Once Lakshmi gets to…

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  • Character Analysis Of Lakshmi In Sold By Patricia Mccormick

    Patricia McCormick, Lakshmi faces many struggles. She has lived in poverty, she is sold into prostitution, and she is treated differently just because she is a woman. All of these struggles help to define who Lakshmi is. For example, in the beginning of the book, .Lakshmi lives in poverty with her mother Ama, her newborn little brother, and her stepfather who gambles all of their money away. Lakshmi’s family lives in a mud paddy hut with a failing roof and Ama tells Lakshmi that the next rainy…

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  • Analysis Of Lakshmi Chaudhry's Mirror, Mirror On The Web

    Time magazine’s 2006 issue featured everyone as their Person of the Year. This created controversy because an honor like this was once reserved for people who had actually accomplished something important, not the average citizen who has access to the internet. Lakshmi Chaudhry, the author of Mirror, Mirror on the Web, states “So it’s easy to miss the editorial sleight of hand that slips from the “I” to the “we,” substitutes individual self-expression for collective action and conflates popular…

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  • Theme Of Innocence In The Book Thief

    there is a common theme of loss of innocence. Both main characters, Liesel Meminger and Lakshmi, experience great change throughout their novels. Both make the transformation from young girls to matured women. Although they would still be legally considered children at the end of their novels, the two girls have gone through more than many adults have ever experienced. When Liesel Meminger went to live with the Hubermanns, she did not expect that she would be the only sibling to survive the…

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  • Night And Sold Analysis

    Evil plays a role in society along with losing innocence in which working together forms maturity. Human nature shows their lack of immaturity through evil’s eyes in Night and Sold by using Lakshmi and Elie in different lifestyles. By examining the novels Night and Sold we can see that evil takes the innocence out of children which is important because without evil, innocence exists in human nature to those who have not matured. In Sold, Lakshmi is not innocent due to the evil presented…

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  • Night And Sold: A Literary Analysis

    Adaptability is key in and survival situation. A person must make do with what they have or completely change who they are and live a different lifestyle in order to be strong enough to survive. In both Night and Sold We see the ability to adapt throughout the book. Night is about a young jewish boy named Elie that gets taken from his home along with his family and put in a concentration camp by the nazis,this book was written by Elie Wiesel himself.Sold is about a young girl named Lakshmi, who…

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  • Evil In Night And Night

    overtaken by it. In the novel Sold, Mumtaz is evil and has control over the girls at the Happiness House. She only cares about getting her money and will do anything to the girls to make sure she gets it. In the novel, Mumtaz is very strict with the girls and says this to Lakshmi,” Hold still. Or I’ll slice your throat” (107).This shows that Mumtaz is horrible to the girls, especially Lakshmi, and that she has been consumed by evil. Mumtaz punishes the girls in cruel ways too, Lakshmi…

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  • Lakshmi's Character In 'SOLD' By Patricia Mccormick

    LAKSHMI’S CHARACTER SKETCH SOLD- Patricia McCormick In the novel, “SOLD” by Patricia McCormick, Lakshmi is the protagonist of the story. She is a fourteen-year-old teenager who lives with her lovely and beloved Ama, her extravagant and irresponsible stepfather and her half younger brother in a small hut in the mountains of Nepal. She spends her days in the village doing household chores, gathering/fetching water and tending her goat, Tali and the small garden of cucumbers for which she is…

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