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  • La Virgen Analysis

    The image of La Virgen has been present throughout most of our lives. From our homes to the murals in our communities. Growing up in a Hispanic/ Latino community it’s the norm to see her image either in tattoos, candles, shirts, posters, cars as well as in our churches and grocery stores. Historically, speaking her image has been used politically for instance, Cesar Chavez used her image, during the Mexican War for Independence her image was used as well. The image of La Virgen has evolved throughout time racing religious, cultural, gender and racial consciousness. Artist like Ester Hernandez and Alma Lopez tend to alter and portray the image of La Virgen into their artwork. However, in a more “liberal “way since women are always portray or…

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  • La Llorana Urban Legend

    La Llorana is a very well-known and widespread urban legend in Mexico and has become just as prevalent in America with the Mexican-American cultural influence of the media, such as horror movies, TV series, and novels. This legend has been passed down from generation to generation as part of the tradition embedded in the Mexican culture and as a result, there are many different interpretations of La Llorana, such as what she looks like as well as what her story is. The fact is this myth is only…

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  • Cultural Themes In La Haine

    “La Haine” explores the themes of how cultural diaspora would affect the shape of identity. Identity reflects how the ever-changing society would affect an individual’s development, and it would never be completely set in stone. Director Mathieu Kassovitz sets out to capture how the remains of the empire is still apparent in societies with prominent cultural diaspora. Even today, it is being talked about, when it comes to the presence of the migrants. According to Paul A. Silverstein and…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Las Vegas

    Contextual Architecture In 2003 my family moved to a house in a newly built part of town in the neighborhood of Lamplight Village. Based on the Lamplight Village painting by Thomas Kinkade, it was beautiful. Not what you would expect from a Las Vegas home, but beautiful nonetheless. The facade of the two story home was light brown horizontal wood siding with big chocolate colored shutters, only for show of course. It had a spacious covered porch, a picturesque window seat and large leafy trees…

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  • Feminism, Nation And Myth: La Malinche, By Richard Rodriguez

    Romero and Harris state that La Malinche was also known as La Llorona (“Some say that the spirit of La Malinche is La Llorona. Here Gaspar de Alba succinctly summarizes a classical variation of the malice story/myth.” pg.67) Rodriguez never stated in his passage that Malinche was also known as La Llorona. It must be a story/myth that was made up over the years in Mexico. Romero and Harris state that because of the betrayal of Malinches’ tribe she is given a consequence of the eternally fighting,…

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  • Las Vegas Research Paper

    Stay at Caesar’s Palace for Vegas-Style Luxury Las Vegas is a destination on nearly everyone’s bucket list. Iconic landmarks like The Strip, the Eiffel Tower replica, and the Bellagio’s fountains are famous the world over. And so are the casinos, especially those in the larger hotels. And there is perhaps no hotel more well-known, and more intrinsically “Vegas,” than Caesar’s Palace. The luxury accommodations cater to everyone from budget weekenders to high rollers. And while there are countless…

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  • Analysis Of To Honor Las Vegas, Respect The Showgirl By Jack Sheehan

    Showgirls have been the face of Las Vegas for a long time, but has been slowly dying throughout the years. In Jack Sheehan column “To Honor Las Vegas, Respect the Showgirl,” published on April 21st, 2013, in the Review-Journal, he explains why he thinks the face of the iconic showgirl is dying in Las Vegas. Sheehan, who has lived in Las Vegas for about four decades, wrote an opinionated piece, that needed more supporting facts. “To Honor Las Vegas, Respect the Showgirl,” was structured well, but…

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  • The Importance Of Partying In Las Vegas

    Why Partying in Las Vegas Is Desired by Many Las Vegas is one of the most renowned places in the United States. Over 39 million people visit Las Vegas each year. Most of the people visiting Las Vegas aren’t first time visitors. They enjoyed their previous trips so much that they return. Often, people party in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is widely known for having lavish parties. From parties following an entertainment event to private parties hosted by celebrities and other socialites. Many people…

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  • Narrative Essay On Las Vegas

    A trip to las vegas It was a Saturday morning and me and my sisters were going to Las Vegas!!!!! I was so excited. We had our stuff ready and we were already ready. My purse that i was going to take broke ,so i had to go and find another one to take to my trip .After that we was just waiting for my mom to come so we can tell her that were leaving. She was taking forever , we were about to lose our plane. Minutes passed and she finally came she gave us some money she had saved for us to spend…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Trip To Las Vegas

    and hikes through railroad tunnels in the desert. After all it’s Las Vegas! My wife Maggie and I left for Las Vegas on Thursday, September 18th on time at 7 AM on Continental. As always seems to happen when we fly in to Newark we had problems with the connecting flight out. This time it was weather related with some heavy rains in the area. We were delayed approximately an hour before the flight departed. Since we seemed to be one of the few flights leaving we felt very lucky. Years ago…

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