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  • Essay On Erzsébet Báthory

    The legend of Erzsébet Báthory’s alleged slaughter of up to 650 Hungarian peasant girls is not terra incognita for film; from 1971’s Countess Dracula, 1981’s Night of the Werewolf, to 2006’s Stay Alive, her tale has been sensationalized and embellished beyond recognition. Often cited as the inspiration behind the vampire subgenre of horror films, the fable goes that Erzsébet (or Elizabeth, as it’s frequently anglicized.), a wealthy Countess of 17th Century Hungary, was a terribly vain and cruel…

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  • Miss Julie Sympathy

    The trigger for sympathy for the eponymous character Miss Julie The inevitability of fate as a motor for drama has been used through the ages and August Strindberg’s controversial play Miss Julie falls into this grouping of literary classics. The eponymous protagonist (daughter of a count and a commoner), is driven by a hereditary need to integrate with the lower class yet simultaneously lord over them. Using her sexuality but also tempted by lowering herself socially, she beds her servant,…

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  • Out Of This Furnace By Thomas Bell

    In his book Out of This Furnace Thomas Bell follows the lives of generations of Slovak immigrants as they attempt to make a living in the steel mills. Though Bell’s book is fictional it gives accurate and detailed insight as to what immigrant workers lived through. As Bell follows each immigrants’ story through the years he simultaneously chronicles the many trials and tribulations not only of individual families, but of the nation as a whole. The first character Bell introduces is George…

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