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HISTORY: Titus Andronicus is assumed to be written in late 1593. The first recorded performance of the play was very early in 1594. There is said to be 3 different versions of the play. It is known for being one of shakespeare's most aw William Shakespeare was a famous playwright in the Elizabethan Age. He wrote many plays including Titus Andronicus. It is one of shakespeare's very first works, and one of his most hated, for being gory, intense, and disturbing.

Titus Andronicus - General of Rome and tragic hero of the play. Father of Lavinia and Lucius. Titus spent ten years fighting Rome's enemies and winning honor for his country, yet he feels incapable of leading his country despite everyone’s desire that he be its new emperor. His
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Titus, was faking his madness all along, tricks her, captures her sons, kills them, and makes pie out of them. He feeds this pie to her in the final scene, then he kills both Tamora and Lavinia, his own daughter. A rash of killings happen; the only people left alive are Marcus, Lucius, Young Lucius, and Aaron. Lucius has the Aaron buried alive, and Tamora's corpse thrown to beasts. He becomes the new emperor of Rome by the end.
There is only one movie made that follows the story of Titus Andronicus. It was released February 11th 2000, and is called Titus. Starring well known actress, Jessica Lange, from American Horror Story, as Tamora, and other very well know actor, Anthony Hopkins, from Silence of the lambs as Titus. ''Titus'' is rated R for its gory violence, nudity and an orgy sequence. The movie was written and directed by Julie Taymor; and was obviously adapted from Shakespeare's ''Titus Andronicus''. ful works. It is also rumored that he isn’t the one who actually wrote it. There isn’t a whole bunch known about

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