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  • Theme Of Anger In Wuthering Heights By Emily Jane Bronte

    Anger is a useful dramatic emotion used by writers for centuries . It is a psychological process in everybody's nature that should not be ignored . It is also a strong feeling of displeasure ,hostility , resulting from injury ,mistreatment and opposition and usually showing itself in a desire to fight back at the supposed causes of the feeling . Allen translates Aristotle's definition of anger as "…a desire ,commingled with pain , to see someone punished , and which is provoked by an apparent…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Be In Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Once upon a time, there were two different families that didn't like each other called the capulets and the montagues. A girl on the capulet side named Juliet and a boy named Romeo from the montague family met and they fell in love. Throughout the book of William shakespeare, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, there have been many occasions where romeo and juliet have shown being in love. Some things that show romeo and juliet are in love, is they both are willing to die for eachother, they are in…

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  • A Sigh And Relief Poem Analysis

    A study of Rama Rao’s thirty-seven short poems evinces his fine creativity and one is enamoured of the values, which presently seem to have been lost in the mire of materialism. The poet sings about the loss of human ethics. The very first poem, ‘A Sigh and Relief’, is a satire on the political power. The politicians, these days, are mad with power and seem to have lost their ability to judge gold from dross. He, very aptly, argues that “Vice has limits / Death is not the only end”: human vices…

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  • Gender Imbalance In Mahesh Dattani

    Through the various elements of his play Tara the including dialogue, theme, plot, and setting, Mahesh Dattani skilfully highlights the social evils occurring in the contemporary world. This instability stems from the mother who is clearly an irrational person whose behavior, actions and deeds are integral to the theme of the play. The imbalance is nothing but the lack of equilibrium in the family which is in turn due to gender bias, Oedipus complex, guilt and the illogical decisions taken that…

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  • Theme Of Sin And Punishment In The Scarlet Letter

    According to Telegraph, one of the top 15 North American Novels is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s the Scarlet Letter. The Scarlet Letter tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an adulterous affair with the reverend, Arthur Dimmesdale, while her husband is away and struggle to build a new life of repentance and dignity. A popular example of Gothic Romanticism, The Scarlet Letter, is Nathaniel Hawthorne’s critically acclaimed portrayal pf the effects of sin and punishment during…

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  • Of Mice And Men Loneliness Theme Analysis

    Throughout John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, the reader sees the frequent and divisive theme of loneliness. In 1930s USA the Great Depression was underway, and this left many men unemployed. Many men left their friends and families in search of menial labour and travelled the USA on a solo search for a job. They’d work this job for a month or so, then collect their money and move on to the next job. These jobs would mostly be on ranches, and due to the inherently hierarchical structure of…

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  • Themes In Sylvia Sylviah's Mirror By Sylvia Plath

    Sylvia Plath had a troubled life. She tried to commit suicide once, but failed. She ended up marrying and having two kids, but the marriage ended in divorce. She later tried to commit suicide again, this time she succeeded. As seen in the poem Mirror, if we aren’t content with our reflection or focus too much on finding ourselves through the mirror, we will end up losing ourselves and never find happiness, just like Plath. We need to find ourselves without looking in the mirror, because if…

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  • Characters And Social Conflicts In Ghosts By Henrik Ibsen

    Henrik Ibsen’s play “Ghosts” was published in 1881 and was first performed in 1882 in Chicago through the production of Danish Touring Company. It is a story that highlights social conflicts such as failed marriage, infidelity and incestuous love to depict a filthy image of the author’s contemporary society. Characters in this play seek for freedom and truth. One of the main characters in the story, Mrs. Alving said, “Well, I can’t help it; I must have done with all this constraint and…

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  • Analysis Of I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

    William Wordsworth combines nature and human interaction to paint a vivid picture through the speaker in the poem “I wandered lonely as a cloud”. The speaker is lonely and is wandering in a world that is bare and high over the hills and valleys. He all over a sudden comes across golden daffodils that blow his mind away through what he describes as the best that he has ever seen in his life. The daffodils are life like and the dance moves and cohesion with different parts of Mother Nature only…

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  • The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

    Is John a good husband? While the relationship between John and the narrator of “The Yellow Wallpaper” can be interpreted different ways, Rula Quawas the author of “A New Woman’s Journey into Insanity; Descent and Return in ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” describes John as the narrator’s “jailer, policing every move and forbidding her to affirm her creative self. He denies her an autonomous existence as he tries to reshape her in accordance with all that being a wife/patient entails, including being…

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