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  • The Influence Of The Internet On The American Revolution

    In many ways the internet has began to directly impact and effect our lives. Whether the internet makes a task more simple or just enhances the production of mass communications, The internet can be proven responsible or somehow related. This is true in almost every form of communications because of the weight of the influence the internet holds. These forms of communication can include writing, the alphabet, printing, all the way to the radio and television we watch today. the internet relates…

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  • Johannes Kepler's First Law Of Planetary Motion

    Carlie Zeisler Mrs. Stetson Scientific Revolution Paper Johannes Kepler “The path of a planet around the sun is an ellipse, with the Sun as the focal point,” -Kepler's first law of planetary motion. The Scientific Revolution was the beginning of the scientific discoveries that have formed modern science. This period started during the end of the Renaissance and continued throughout the 18 century. Johannes Kepler was a major figure in this period, including the observations mentioned in his…

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  • Gutenberg Printing Importance

    The invention of printing/ press by Johann Gutenberg in the XV century was one of the events that completely changed the history of reading and the circulation of ideas worldwide. Gutenberg made his dream come true. After years of research and hard work, he took his hands assets in book form, printed with a unique and impressive technique, the press with movable type. The printing mold was not a new technique because of China and its gravure printing, but now, with the creation of Gutenberg…

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  • Johannes Gutenberg's The Nuremberg Chronicle

    when picking up that book one thinks of it as something rare. Books on almost any topic can be found at several libraries and bookstores all across the world, but there was a time where books were as rare and expensive as precious metals and gems. Johannes Gutenberg was a fifteenth century German blacksmith and goldsmith, whose invention of the movable type printing press revolutionized the production of books. Before Gutenberg’s printing press, books were created by hand. Scribes would cut…

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  • Mass Media Effects Paper

    Shannon Vargas Effects of Mass Media HUM/186 September 15, 2015 Ms. Allyson Wells Effects of Mass Media Our culture is molded and influenced by mass media. From the ancient times of story tellers, tribal leaders and elders to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, communication and the flow of information has been vital to developing civilizations. The major developments in mass media are oral and written presentation, printing, electronics and digital programming. Technology changed the models of…

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  • Community In Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities

    Benedict Anderson the author of Imagined Communities identifies a nation as an imagined political community that is limited and sovereign, as well. The political community consists of a sect of people who feel as if they are united based on a common ground. The people of a nation feel united and identify themselves as an “us” and people outside of the nation would be considered as a “them”. The limitation in the imagined community is the boarders of the nation, no nation can be considered as…

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  • The Importance Of Johann Gutenberg And The Invention Of The Printing Press

    Johann Gutenberg helped spread Christianity by printing the Bible in mass quantities, making other books easily accessible, and also inspiring others to build printing presses. Gutenberg was born in Mainz, Germany in 1395 to a modest working family (Johannes Gutenberg…

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  • The Evolution Of Mass Communication

    Over the past two decades the world has seen a major shift in the development and use of media, communication and technology. Amongst industrialization and urbanization, both the audience and the communication in which surrounds all demographics has changed so dramatically many may argue that the mass communication era has ended completely. When looking into the countless changes in day-to-day life, one can understand that each change is or was as a result of technology; one can also argue…

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  • Impact Of World War Propaganda On Graphic Design

    Before radio, internet, television or social media, world wars posters had a significant impact on graphic design. One of the primal forms of advertisement was the posters which began to develop as a medium for visual communication in the early 19th century. They influenced the development of typography for the purpose of reading from a distance and required larger type to be produced. The poster quickly spread around the world and became a principle of the graphic design trade. Besides,…

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  • How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Influence The Renaissance

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, and Michelangelo are names that would go down in history, because of their work in the arts, and sciences. Galileo, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo helped the Renaissance, become so influential.The Renaissance is remembered in history due to its inventions, and other discoveries. The Renaissance, spanned from the early 1400s to the early 1600s. It was mainly in eastern Europe and western Asia. Technology, Science, and Math gave the Renaissance it’s place in the history…

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