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  • How Does Listening To Music Affect The Listeners

    When using music as a main means of communication and carrier of information it is important to understand how it affects the listeners. Exploring how the human brain processes that information gives interesting insights and valuable intelligence on how the listeners might be affected by the music they listen to. This type of research often gives information which even the listeners themselves might not be aware of. A researcher from the University of Montreal, Robert Sartori (2015), interviewed…

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  • Illuminations Concert Report

    1, Op. 25 by Johannes Brahms. There were only four musicians. The instruments used were: the violin, viola, cello, and piano. There were four movements; Allegro, Intermezzo: Allegro ma non troppo - Trio: Animato, Adante con motto, and Rondo alla Zingarese: Presto. I…

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  • Assignment 1: A Brief Analysis Of Romantic Literature And Music

    Unit four of the textbook is about music in the nineteenth century, and the first part of this section starts by dedicating a whole chapter to Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven was a true genius, his music is still widely popular until today. His style of music was mostly Classical, he was a student of Haydn. One of Beethoven 's first work that really showed his his individuality as an artist was his symphony called Bonaparte. This symphony was written in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte, but later on,…

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  • A Comparative Analysis Of Bach's Life And Music

    Over the next 25 years he continued to add to his massive repertoire. The Christmas Oratorio, St. Matthew’s Passion and Well-Tempered Clavier Part 2 are a few examples of some of his major works. In 1729, he obtained a position as the director of Leipzig’s music club. He wrote music for the orchestra and they performed once a week (Koster). He was immersed in music until the year before his death. His last great work, the B minor Mass was finished in 1749 (Koster). At the end of his career, Bach…

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach's Music

    at 17 with the St. Louis Phil says it’s “not just one of the greatest pieces of music ever written, but on the of the greatest achievements of any man in history. It’s a spiritually powerful piece, emotionally powerful, structurally perfect.” Johannes Brahms, a very well known composer, you’ve probably heard of him, says ”On one stave, for a small instrument, the man writes a whole world of the deepest thoughts and most powerful feelings. If I imagined that I could have created, even conceived…

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  • Jazz Influence On Rock And Roll

    “Through his clear, warm sound, unbelievable sense of swing, perfect grasp of harmony, and supremely intelligent and melodic improvisations, he taught us all to play jazz” (“History of Jazz”). In this quote, Wynton Marsalis was talking about Louis Armstrong. Jazz music has impacted the world and cultures, it shares in so many ways. Modern jazz has continued in this tradition, singing the songs of a more complicated urban existence. Now, jazz is exported to the world. Jazz music greatly…

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  • The Life Of Ludwig Van Beethoven

    Beethoven had a traumatic childhood even if he grew up surrounded by music. Ludwig van Beethoven was born around December 16, 1770, and baptized on December 17 in Bonn, located in the now-nonexistent Electorate of Cologne (“Ludwig van Beethoven”). His parents, Johann van Beethoven and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven, had to bury two children before Ludwig, and celebrated his successful birth. Maria bore Johann two more sons after Ludwig: Caspar Carl, born in 1774 and Nickolaus Johann, born in 1776…

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