Intrapersonal communication

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  • Analysis Of Shawn Jennings's Story: Nonverbal Communication

    Shawn Jennings’ story started with nonverbal communication. When he was in locked in stage, he could not talk which made only non-verbal communication possible. Facial characteristics such as frowning or smiling add to the verbal message conveyed. However, this was not the case for Shawn Jennings because in the book he says he had no chance to convey his feelings through facial expression. It was really hard for nurses to understand his feelings. Sometimes, nurses would try to make him…

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  • Gardner's Mi Theory, Learning Style And Temperament.

    individual variations in terms of Gardner’s MI theory, learning style, and temperament. Jamal possessed interpersonal understanding hence, his ability to interact with others allowed him to eventually comprehend his role in society. In addition, his intrapersonal skills were utilized as he contemplated his goals (sports or writing). I also noted Jamal’s exuded a high level of confidence. For example, he voiced his opinion while being cognizant of the possible consequences he would have to face…

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  • Different Forms Of Communication In The Workplace

    Any and all types of communication start with the idea that you are going to be delivering an idea or message to an individual or a group of individuals, The way that you approach those that you are talking to all depends on if it is s ingle person or if you are talking to a group of people because the delivery is different depending on who and how many people you are talking to. You need to make sure that those that you are presenting to understand the premise of the information you are telling…

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  • Different Kinds Of Interpersonal Communication

    of me. I was also very quiet didn’t talk to a lot of people. In communication I have progressed in many ways including intrapersonal communications. Interpersonal communication is an exchange of information between two or more people. There are many parts of interpersonal communication, one of them is verbal communication. Which is about what we say and how we say it. I have progress in verbal communication a lot, now I try to say appropriate words even though…

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  • Importance Of Communication In Business

    The word communication has been derived from the Latin word ‘communis’ which means to share. Thus, communication means sharing of one’s ideas, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, feelings emotions etc. with the other person. Communication is the expression and exchange of facts, opinions, ideas or feelings. Communication may be intrapersonal i.e. when we are trying to communicate with ourselves, may be regarding some issue, it involves communication with only one self only. While interpersonal…

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  • Communication Newlyweds

    Communication and Newlyweds So you are getting married? What a great way to accomplish a lifelong partnership with a with a person you love. Over the years, marriage has redefined its self as one of the most romantic gestures that individuals make to show their love. Marriage can be a great thing; however there can be stumbling blocks. When you love someone you never think about the challenges that can impact that relationship. It is important that you understand that problems will occur, but…

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  • Five Contexts Of Communication Analysis

    Within the realm of communication there are five contexts of communication which we utilize regularly to effectively relay the messages we intend for others to receive. These five contexts are referred to in Business Communication for Success (2012) as intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public and mass communication. As each context is examined we will explore examples of each one as they present themselves in everyday life in addition to the appeal of intrapersonal communication and the not…

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  • How Is Media Ever Changing?

    With all of the advances in communication and technology, our living environment will be much better then it was 10 or 20 years ago. This will be due to our world will be very green and less wasteful due to technological advances in chemical and waste. We will be able to contact recycling…

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  • Importance Of Appropriate Communication In The Workplace

    Appropriate Communication in the Workplace Effective and appropriate communication is essential to your success in the workplace. With more companies utilizing texting and messaging software as a communication tool to connect employees with their coworkers and superiors, the line between business and social communication has blurred. Communication is the process of understanding and sharing meaning (1.2 What is Communication?, n.d.). Whether you are communicating interpersonally or through…

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  • Twitter Rhetorical Analysis

    social media becoming more and more popular, more and more people are living a second life on the internet. Twitter, for example, is very widely known and used; and while scrolling through a Twitter feed, it is not hard to pick out rhetorical communication within people’s individual posts and conversations amongst each other. A common type of tweet, a “subtweet” is an abbreviation for the term, “subliminal tweet.” Subtweeting is defined as making a tweet about another person without actually…

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