Importance Of Therapeutic Communication In Nursing

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Nursing as an art and a science in the health care setting , It main focus is to provide medical assistant and healing toward persons who are in need. To execute these practices a nurse must have great scientific knowledge, intrapersonal and intellectual skills and abilities. Therapeutic communication is another essential component in the nursing practice, having good interpersonal communication skills would help build or establish a good rapport or relationship between the patient -nurse and with other health care professionals. These expertise is attained through using different therapeutic communication technique such as active listening, giving feedback, silent, and using a therapeutic touch.

According www.ncchcorg in the health care setting Therapeutic Communication is defined as a face -to-face process of interacting that focuses on advancing the physical and emotional well-being of a patient Therapeutic Communication involve verbal and
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I did all that was physically necessary to provide comfort for the patient. With the aid of an orderly the patient was repositioned to her lateral side to help alleviate the pain. In the process the patient complains of pain to her entire back, I use touch as a therapeutic technique to the area where patient verbalize pain. I rubbed or massage her back with rubbing alcohol and I also massage pressure areas such as angle, heals, elbows, knees and place Comforting pads avoid further pain pressure ulcers or skin break down. Incorporating and evident base practices EBP according people use therapeutic touch to use reduce pain ease tense muscle, speed healing and improve sleep and it also use for people to who experience pain or discomfort from cancer. And people who receive therapeutic touch say that they have refreshed spirit, heal faster and feel

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