History of painting

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  • Write An Essay On Salvador Dali's Life

    He created these paintings in 1931 and much is to be said about them. The paintings were first shown at the Julien Levy Gallery in 1932. Firstly some historians say that his inspiration for the melting aspect of the clock was actually from melting cheese. Another fact is that he also expressed his belief in Einstein’s theory about time being relative and not fixed. Also the location of the painting refers to the rocks represent a tip of Cap de Creus peninsula…

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  • The False Mirror Analysis

    compared to the others. This is why art is beautiful. You put your thoughts and feeling into something, and make create something prodigious. Those pieces of art express how you feel and people could read it by just looking at it. One of my favorite paintings is The False…

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  • The Vagina Monologue Analysis

    Carolee Schneemann helps change the way women view their body, sensuality, and gender by empowering women to define who they are and not let the worn out views of the past impact their definition of themselves and what they're capable of. Carolee Schneemann, the oldest of three, was born in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 12th, 1939. She started drawing at a young age. She was described as a “mad panthiest.” A panthiest is someone who believes that the universe is…

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  • Claude Monet's Autumn Effect At Argenteuil

    on forms, while surrealism focused on the irrational and incongruent. Finally, futurist were fixated with motion and machinery. My favorite piece of artwork from this chapter is Claude Monet’s Autumn Effect at Argenteuil. This is an impressionism painting, and a lovely one at that. Impressionist painters looked to the great outdoors and Mother Nature for inspiration, and Monet painted…

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  • Write A Biography Essay On Joy Hester

    She did this to show the intense emotions and psychological states which had registered quickly. In 1946 to 1947 she had included portraits of her friends and family which she had concentrated on painting into the upward-gazing heads. Also in 1947 Joy was diagnosed with having Hodgkin's disease. Since then she left her husband and young son, to move to Sydney with another artist named Gray Smith. In the next two years she produced some of her finest…

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  • Pride And Prejudice Lighting Analysis

    Pride and Prejudice was written during the Georgian Era. This time there was little artificial lighting and structures were made in a way where natural light was meant to light up the whole room. The lighting in the film used a combination of lighting that attempted to make the film seem like an authentic representation of the time that the story took place. The scene at the very beginning when they are discussing the arrival of Mr. Bingley is a great example of lighting indicative of the…

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  • Hundertwasser's Complete Design Balance In Art

    Art is a very emotional entity both inspired and created by feeling. Something moves the painter and sculptor to transform the perspectives of their minds’ eye into something tangible and visible. With that same feeling, designers of the landscape, interiors, structures, fashion, transportation, cities and government have been [at least initially] moved by ideals and passion. The assigned bulleted manifestos and pointed proclamations seemed to carry an evolutionary theme. This theme is not…

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  • Vanitas Painting

    Description: This photograph was taken by Fulvio Bonavia. It is explored at the Vanitas exhibition, Publics, Paris. Its dimensions are 25.6 by 14.4 inches. The photo is vanitas themed. We can see the skull, flowers, crow, book, dice, candle and the fruit. The hues in this art piece are mostly dark and cool, from the flat background to the table and most of the objects. The bright colors are arranged in the diagonal from the upper left to the lower right. On the left there is a flowers bouquet…

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  • Amelie Reflection

    Amelie, a beautifully constructed French film, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, colourfully paints the fictional tale of a young French woman named Amelie. The story begins in a rather unusual way, through a series of seemingly arbitrary events that inexplicably lead up to Amelie’s birth, which makes the film that much more intriguing and appealing to the spectator. Jeunet’s unique style does not stop after the exposition. The exposition’s upbeat, playful, and creative style merely whets the…

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  • Theme Of Identity In A Streetcar Named Desire

    “You can disguise any set with lights and shadows” - indeed you can, even with a paper lantern. It simply depends on what type of “set” one has. It might be a scene, a place or even a person, as in the case of A Streetcar Named Desire. Tennessee Williams describes the main character in his play as a woman named Blanche DuBois, desperate to cover the truth of her real self. Although the constant strive of Blanche to maintain an impression of youth, purity and innocence in the night, her real…

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