Armory Show Essay

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The Armory Show was one of the most important events that took place during the 1900s due to the fact that it introduced modernized European art. Thousands and thousands of people had come from all over to see all the art styles that they have never seen before. Although the Armory Show was an exciting time for the artists who had their work displayed, it was also a controversial time since most people thought that none of the pieces on display were art. Since most of the pieces were different it brought an extreme amount of media attention to the exhibit. The exhibit had over one thousand paintings on display for the general public to see, and not one of the pieces was something that the public was used to seeing. In the beginning of the 1900s …show more content…
The artist that put the exhibit together already were thinking outside the box and they wanted to show the American people that you can do so many other type of art instead of just pictures of people. The Armory Show wasn’t about money or fame, none of the artist thought it mattered if anyone liked them or not, the goal was to make people aware of the different things that exist around them. In fact the more people that made fun of the exhibit, it actually benefited them because it brought more of the media and press to the show. Which allowed it to escape to the rest of New York that something like this was happening. After announcements of this show went around then more people flocking in and viewing it. This then lead to many of the artist that participated becoming famous as fast as the next morning. After the show had been there for a sometime and people came and visited, everyone started to realize that America was going to change for good now. Which means that art will no longer be what it used to be instead its going expand and grow tremendously. The Armory Show is the best thing that could have happened for the people of the 1900s, because it will change the way we view different inanimate objects and scenery forever. Whether the item moves or no you will be able to paint or draw it or even carve it out in something without someone making rude comments about your work. Since everything is fair play and nothing is so called prohibited from being done, it will allow people to be free and create whatever their heart desires. Now about every fifty years there is an anniversary celebration to honor what The Armory Show has done for American History and the way that it has shaped the art world. Many scholars now see why those artist had done something like this. Most of them now honor those artist because even though most of the people

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