History of painting

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  • T. S. Eliot's Use Of Transcendentalism In The Hollow Men

    Prior to the 20th century the world lived a transcendentalist time period, a idyllic place and paintings would include the aesthetic grasp of nature, and a painting emanating a positive vibe, then an abrupt turn to chaos came upon Americans and paintings went from nature to humans in agony , poisonous orange backgrounds and negative vibes, this period is known as Modernism. Scientific innovation, industrialization, and world war I are all factors that which led to the dismantling of…

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  • The Artist's Garden At Vetheuil Analysis

    feel at that very moment. It is a painting style that concentrates on the general impression made by a scene or an object. The main reason Monet’s The Artist's Garden at Vétheuil, 1881 attracted my attention is because I have a great fondness for flowers and gardens. The painting is of Monet's own house and garden during his time at Vetheuil from the early 1880's. Monet rejected the traditional form of painting where the subjects were figures and events from history, religious stories or…

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  • Realism In Modern Art

    ‘The Origins of Painting and its Representational Value,’ Léger seeks to describe the concept of realism in modern art as well as answer the question most commonly associated with modern pictures: “What does that represent?” Léger develops his claims on modern art and his response to what he considers a nonsensical question by comparing a work of art’s imitative capabilities with its realistic value, defining as best he can the concept of pictorial realism, and by providing a history on…

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  • The Father's Curse And The Punished Son Analysis

    views. There’s many types of art that exist in the world but one of the biggest and most famous is the fine arts. A perfect example is the famous painting “The Father’s Curse and The Punished Son” which is one of the greatest masterpieces created by the French painter Jean Baptiste. The artist generally painted portraits, genre scenes, and history painting which are recognized throughout all of France and in the world. The piece of art selected appeared to be eye catching and interesting in a…

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  • Pedro Almodóvar The Skin I Live In Interpretation

    between the artist and his art, and the connotations of the reclining nude as mediated through the Titian’s Renaissance masterpiece Venus of Urbino. Robert’s mansion is filled with a collection of reclining nude paintings, ranging from Renaissance to Modern. Titian’s larger than life painting hangs on the central wall of the second story of Robert’s mansion. An idealized vision of feminine beauty lies recumbent on her bed with her alluring gaze fixed upon the viewer as she caresses her body. Her…

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  • Essay On De Kooning

    Art is a influential mode of communication as it has the power to be a direct reflection of the cultural conditions surrounding the artist at the time of the arts creation. Art shows a side of history rarely portrayed in ancient textbooks. I has the ability to lay bare the subconscious opinions, values, and beliefs of individuals and cultures that the individuals and cultures do not even recognize in themselves. Think of artwork as a reflection of the difference between the soul and the mind.…

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  • Realism And Romanticism Similarities

    Compare and Contrast of Romanticism and Realism Romanticism replaced neoclassicism in the 1800-1900 century in France. Romantic artist abandoned traditional warmness and as an alternative reflected on the artist innermost feelings. The romantic artist images are composed of dark, romantic, mystery and thoughtfulness. They appreciated creativeness and exclusiveness above cleverness and talent instead of outdated methods, which concentrated closely on imitating the conventional ways. Furthermore,…

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  • Difference Between Modern Art And Contemporary Art

    Art seems to be broad and confusing due to the countless styles of it. Looking back at art’s history, people were exposed to unique styles of individuals, landscapes or mythical beauty in artwork. There were many different types of impressions on life events or even emotions of the artists. Expression through art has gone on for many centuries. The question is, when did art begin to develop more in abstract? Who decides what art is? In most art museums and art textbooks, there is a transition on…

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  • Interactivity And Interactive Art

    physical haptic feedback. The interaction between viewer and artwork has been one of the most important things throughout the history of all art forms. Every branch of arts has described it in its own conventions. But in the general view as Dixon noted: “All art is an interaction between the viewer and the artwork, and thus all artworks are interactive…

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  • Oath Of The Horatii Analysis

    Painting and relevance: Jacques-Louis David’s “Oath of the Horatii” was painted in 1784 and it was commissioned by the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture on behalf of the Kind Louis XVI. The inspiration of the painting had to come by Corneille’s Play “Horace” which was being performed in Paris during that time. In 1785 the painting was exhibited at the Paris Salon. The painting shows a decisive moment of will as well as a great family tragedy resulting from political consequences. The…

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