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  • Analysis Of The Revival Of Titus Andronicus

    This revival of Titus Andronicus was an off-off Broadway production by New York Shakespeare Exchange; it ran from February- January in 2015. This production was directed and adapted by Ross Williams, who has directed many shows around the world. The show had a successful run, and all the reviews were positive. There was a fascinating twist, this productions setting of William Shakespeare’s most bloody play now takes place in a circus tent in the midst of a carnival. Titus Andronicus follows the…

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  • Gender And Feminist Roles In Shakespeare's Othello

    wife, and caregiver. On the stage of Shakespeare, expectations are no different, save the added roles of trophy and sexual object, and when examined through a critical, modern lens, these stage roles become gender roles. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello, women are portrayed as the weaker sex through their characteristics and by the murderous ending of the tragedy. Alexander Pope said, “Most women have no character at all,” (Pechter 372). Shakespeare, however, emphasized lack of…

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  • Analysis Of George Carlin's 'It's Bad For Ya !'

    Peter Ustinov, an English actor, had once said that “comedy is simply a funny way of being serious” (goodreads.com). Comedy is often utilized as a sort of crutch and platform to highlight issues- be it people’s problems, the insane global climate, or to express the absurdity of it all. Great comedians always have a point to make, and George Carlin makes a point to castigate the custom of offering help after the death of someone and the concept of human rights. In George Carlin’s special, “It’s…

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  • King Lear And Blindness In Odysseus

    the letter, and continues to ask what exactly the paper is about. Edmund answers “nothing, my lord’ (Shakespeare 1.2.33). After having a conversation about if it was really nothing, Edmund finally reveals the letter but pending the evil schemes described in the letter on his brother, Edgar. Gloucester does asks Edmund if Edgar written the letter and “has ever sounded like this before” (Shakespeare 1.2.73), which seems as though he is in some kind of disbelief about this plan of action, but…

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  • The Death Of Insanity In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    In life and in literature, a person’s surroundings and the situations that they encounter can affect their mental state. This is exemplified in Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Hamlet claims to be feigning insanity throughout the entire play, but there are many factors that suggest that he is, in fact, mad. The death of young Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, is what initially causes his sanity to fall into a downward spiral. Though the relationship between the King and his son is unclear, King…

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  • Faustus In The Bacchae

    I am extending this letter with the intention to let you know some comments regarding the character of Faustus in the play. I tried to discuss with the actor about the transition from playing Pentheus in The Bacchae, but he would not listen because in his opinion the two are "the same guy". It is true that the characters and the situations in which they find themselves are similar, but the idea of playing Faustus with the essence of Pentheus could cause a conflict in the theatrical…

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  • Othello Language Analysis

    How does Shakespeare make Act 3 Scene 3 dramatically powerful? In the previous scene, we were also told about Iago’s evil plot to use Cassio’s love for Desdemona to separate the newly-weds. The extract I am analysing begins with Iago convincing Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him. This scene is a turning point in the plot of the play; everything that follows is a result of this scene, it foreshadows the death of Desdemona. In this paragraph I will explain how irony makes this scene…

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  • Essay On Performance Art

    I feel as though the most expressive form of art is performance art. The definition of performance art is live art. Throughout the 20th century, performance art has been allowing performers to express themselves, shock their audience, and reflect political agendas. Performance art of the 20th and 21st century reflected the political agendas of the time, like the rise of feminism, anti war activism and socialism. Most performance art it is meant to shock and appall it's audience. Guillermo…

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  • Wide Sargasso Sea Analysis

    The combination of the novels Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, and Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys, highlight the significance that perspective has on the development of a narration. Jane Eyre depicts Bertha Rochester as a lunatic without explaining how she becomes crazy; however, Wide Sargasso Sea justifies her by exposing the reader to the torture Mr. Rochester puts her through that leads to her insanity. Analyzing the differences between the two novels, specifically the change of Bertha’s…

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  • The Dark Knight Rises Film Analysis

    What makes a villain terrifying? Well, he must be evil, manipulative, hateful, and lacks a conscience. Sometimes the audience sympathizes with the villains in the film, but the villains on this list were impossible to like. Number One: Bane Movie: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Actor: Tom Hardy If I had to choose the best villain voice of all time, it would go to Bane. Bane was powerful, evil and masterful in his attack on Batman. He was the evil twin of Robin Hood; he stole from the rich and…

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