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  • Symbolism In Leda And The Swan By William Butler Yeats

    The poem ‘Leda and the Swan’ by William Butler Yeats retells a renown story from Greek mythology. According to the myth, Leda, a queen of Sparta, was raped or seduced by Zeus in the guise of a swan. Leda then gave birth to three eggs, one of which did not hatch. The other two gave life to Helen (of Troy) and Pollux, who are assumed to be children of Zeus, and Castor and Clytemnestra, children of Leda’s husband Tyndareus. In the poem, Yeats alludes to the Trojan war and depicts unusually violent and explicit imagery through the use of powerful symbolism and various literary techniques. ‘Leda and the Swan’ differs considerably from Yeats’ earlier poems due to the violent and striking imagery. The opening line of the first stanza - ‘A sudden blow: the great wings beating still’ - immediately creates a dramatic atmosphere and a sense of foreboding. The word ‘sudden’ suggests that ‘ the staggering girl’ has not anticipated the event. In here, Yeats also uses caesura in order to emphasize the abrupt and unexpected advent of all-powerful God Zeus and bring readers closer to Leda’s perspective. Leda is absolutely vulnerable against the God and is not able conquer him. Her helplessness and weakness is juxtaposed with Zeus’ limitless power that he holds in his ‘great wings’. Interestingly, the poem is written in the form of Petrarchan sonnet, which is usually used to praise ideal love and beauty. Yeats’ sonnet, however, does not center around the theme of love but instead deals…

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  • Perseus In Greek Mythology

    Perseus and his stories have fascinated storytellers and scholars alike for centuries. This mythical man is a hero, born of a god and a mortal and he is credited with many brave and daring acts. Throughout his life, Perseus had an eventful infancy, killed Medusa, slayed a sea monster for his true love, and fulfilled a prophecy. Right from his birth, it was clear Perseus was destined for great things. An oracle told his grandfather, Acrisius, that he would be killed by his daughter’s child.…

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  • Perseus Comparison

    Clash of the Titans Clash of the Titans and the story of Perseus according to the Greeks are based on the same story and share many similarities as well as differences. Although, in both versions the plot follows, for the most part, the same basic points. Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus, slays Medusa, then saves Andromeda with Medusa’s enchanted head, and lastly, kills Acrisius. First, there are vast similarities in both of these versions of Perseus’s amazing tale. In both versions, Zeus…

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  • Deception In Greek Mythology

    have be significant to the overall plot. IV.An abundance of Greek myths consist of a man traveling to an oracle to discover his fate, which is usually death. He will begin to do anything in his power to change his destiny. Acrisius was the King of Argos that only had one daughter, Danae. He traveled to the Delphi in hopes that he would be granted a son. The priestess told him that he would not have son, but his daughter would have a son that was destined to kill him. Acrisius needed to put…

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  • Perseus Vs Hollywood Essay

    Perseus is trying to take revenge on a god, who had slain his family right in front of him. Perseus travels to in search of a way to stop this god and all of his evil plans from coming to fruition. Though hollywood can provide its own telling of the great myth of perseus, the movie is almost completely different from the myth it is trying to portray with only a small amount of similarities. To begin, let the similarities get themselves out of the way. The original myth and the movie have many…

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  • Plot Clashes In The Movie 'Clash Of The Titans'

    Plot Clashes in Clash of the Titans Between Clash of the Titans, the original Greek story, and the 2010 movie, there are a variety of similarities and differences. Although both plot lines follow a similar pattern, the details in the Greek story are much different than the movie. Simply stated, in the movie version it is more about Perseus saving Princess Andromeda and reuniting with Io, while in the Greek mythology plot, Perseus is attempting to save his mother, Danae, from marrying the awful…

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  • The 12 Stages Of The Archetypal Hero's Journey

    can restore their father’s youth, by first killing a ram and then bringing it back to life as a lamb. The daughters, convinced, chopped up their father. By then, Medea was gone, and her lover’s revenge, fulfilled. After Pelias’ death, they went to Corinth. Here, they had two sons, but Jason put both them and Medea into exile. He then went on to get engaged to another princess. This is when Medea finally snaps, and the spell placed upon her by Cupid seems to wear off as she goes on to murder the…

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  • The Hero's Journey In Mythology

    stories, where Campbell concludes that all tell the same story in various forms. The pattern follows the protagonist through evolutions of the character, allowing readers to experience the hero evolve from living an ordinary life to emerging with gained knowledge and a newfound sense of purpose. Different types of literature follow these stages thoroughly, mythology not excluded. In this case, Greek mythology shares the pattern of the hero’s journey throughout the story of Perseus and his…

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  • Similarities Between Greek And Hollywood

    The Greeks vs. Hollywood In the Greek myth about Perseus starts when King Acrisius throws Danae and Perseus into a trunk and into the ocean, then Zeus leads the two to Dictys’ boat where he saves the two, he then marries Danae and raises Perseus, King Polydectes wants to marry Danae and sends Perseus to kill medusa, on the way back Perseus saves Princess Andromeda whom he marries, King Polydectes turns to stone when he looks at Medusas head, during there honeymoon Perseus kills his grandfather…

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  • Niobe And Dana In Antigone Analysis

    Danaë, like Antigone, is of royal birth, being the daughter of King Acrisius. The two also share the similar fate of being locked away with Danaë being locked in a tower by her father and Antigone being locked away in a stone vault by Creon. The chorus even informs Antigone of these similarities proclaiming, “Danaë, Danaë—even she endured a fate like yours” (1035-1036). The similar actions against them are also supposed to prevent the two from getting married and having children. Danaë is…

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