Shakespeare's Impact On The Story Of Hamlet

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There are many influential writers that have come throughout the years. To name a few specifically some such as Aristotle, Plato, as well as Dante but few are as influential on the world of writing as William Shakespeare. His story of Hamlet contains a variety of different emotions and truly conveys a story that is a tragedy at its finest. Who exactly was William Shakespeare and, what made him one of the most influential writers of his time. As well as one of the most influential writers in history.
Very little is known about William Shakespeare while his writing was very well known his appearance as well as simple things such as his birthdate are unknown. What is known though as explained by the Norton anthology of western literature is that
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Something like this makes Shakespeare worth studying. Whilst many authors whether it be from the Renaissance or the Hellenistic era have published some very influential work. Not many are as influential on modern English as the story of Hamlet. Shakespeare was able to make the story of hamlet become one of the forerunners of modern literature as explained “Hamlet has commanded a leading place in our literary heritage for juxtaposing political obligation and human interactions” (Puchner et al. 2626). What makes Shakespeare’s story of Hamlet interesting though is if it read at a deeper level it seems as it if it was Shakespeare way of coping as explained “Critics have been tempted for more than a century to draw connections between Prince Hamlet’s grief for his father and William Shakespeare’s private griefs, especially the deaths of his son Hamnet in 1596 and his father John in 1601” (Marino 56). Now whilst just researching Shakespeare because of his historical significance is very important but more importantly would have to be just how Shakespeare was able to so perfectly portray the six elements of tragedy within his story. Shakespeare writing has everything from tragedy within a family to death by the hand of a loved one. His writing accurately is able …show more content…
Whilst they do stray from the main plot sometimes the story does not stray from the main events that are set within the reality of the story. In the story of Hamlet though it is interesting because it has multiple different plots within the plot. One notable one out of all of them though is the story of the murder of Gonzago that hamlet had written to judge whether or not his uncle did commit the murder of his father. The whole point of the act within the story was as explained “Hamlet and Horatio, who has been told of the plan and been asked to closely survey the Prince’s uncle, suggests that both witnessed a transformation in the King’s physiognomy” (Mendes 270). It is such as interesting and unique way for a character to guise someone on how they would react to a play that portrays a murder similar to the one Hamlets uncle committed by acting out the murder in front of them. This is such an interesting concept for the reader. Because the reader gets to see exactly how carefully the actors have to portray themselves as explained “For Hamlet to unveil Claudius’s guilt, it was necessary to be particularly careful with what would be played. This explains his advice to the actors about the best way to enunciate each word, as well as his description of the dangers of overacting.” (Mendes 271). This part really sticks out for the reader as being able to feel the anxiousness that Hamlet felt whilst making sure that everything was perfect

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