My Favorite Mistake

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Mistake

    My favorite mistake would have to be when I totaled my car. Sometimes you think that this is the worst day of my life. You make such a big mistake, and think my life is over. That was me 9 years ago. I had the day off of work. It was the 4th of July. My friend and I were driving down the road, heading back to his house to bring him home. We were driving on a county road, listening to music, with the cruise control on. I reached back to grab my cd case (At the time I told my parents I swerved to miss a rabbit). What a mistake that was. When I turned around again, my friend said watch out you’re going to hit the mailbox. Of course being 17 and in a suv, I over corrected. Next thing I knew I was feeling like someone was hugging me, protecting…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Mistakes

    Joan Collins once said, “Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t achieved much”. One of my favorite mistakes is the time I started to push away my best friend when both of us knew we needed each other at that time and plainly in general. Before, during and currently I see this situation in many, many ways. When I sit back and observe this situation I notice many opportunities to reword something that I had said or to just plainly not say what I said at…

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  • Narrative Essay: My Favorite Mistake

    My Favorite Mistake It seems like everyone has a special talent. At annual school talent shows I would come up empty handed trying to think of what I could perform. It seemed as though I didn’t have any talents that I could perform. I received outstanding grades, I could easily comprehend literature, and I was quick at solving math problems, but I couldn’t perform any of those talents for an audience. I blame myself for my lack of performing talent. I once was an excellent pianist. The…

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  • The Mistakes Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

    constantly make decisions based on the well-being of themselves and with total disregard for others. However, throughout their journey amongst the many islands of Greece, they learn to be more humble and they realize that life isn’t always about winning. Odysseus and his men learn to be humble by making mistakes, having bad consequences, and feeling pain. The mistakes made by Odysseus teach us that everybody is destined to blunder at some point in their life. The reader may think that…

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  • Personal Narrative: A New Place In Michigan

    this whole country actually. And even before I come here, I already surmise believed it. I was exhausted; I grabbed all my bags and lay down on my bed and locked the door. I stayed there for a couple of minutes thinking about what would my life be in this new place. I looked out of the windows; I see nobody walking around the sidewalk, or kids playing outside or people chit chatting in the neighborhood. And I said to myself, "I 'm already feeling lonely, I wouldn 't get a chance to make…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Best Coach

    My favorite coach trough all time was a coach that I only for a year. In Sweden we don’t have school sports, instead, we have club sports instead outside school different ages, levels, and leagues. When I started to play with the women 's team while I at the same time combined it with my boy 's team I was about 12 and I was the youngest girl in the team. The ages were about 12-30 years old. It was my first year playing in a women 's league and the year before we qualified into the pro league. I…

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  • Firing Slingshots

    The first day of school, I had tears in my eyes. I was feeling shredded with a wound in my heart because of my parents dropping me off at school and leaving me all alone. It was only me sitting at the corner of the entry door, all I saw was strangers running around screaming, jumping, and chasing playing with balls. Then, I started to wander around the school, as happy as I was when I saw food. I lowered my backpack, reached for a couple of bucks to bought my favorite food and drink. Afterward,…

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  • ENG 111 Class Reflection

    During my time in Dr. Kennedy 's ENG 111 class, I have been pushed way beyond my limits of capabilities. Before in high school, I had no idea what a rhetorical analysis was. But here it turns out to the normality. Normally, we would just read a book and then answer questions based on said book. We also had only used citation once if lucky prior to the senior project. But there wasn 't much need for detail. But nevertheless, without my experience here at RCC, I would have never known the amount…

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  • Mistakes In Lewis Blackman's Essay On Criticism '

    Often times, mistakes are a combination of numerous occurrence that combine to make the perfect storm. I believe that Lewis Blackman’s Story is one such occurrence. However, it was not just the actual mistakes that made this case noteworthy. Mistakes are a human manifestation. As Alexander Pope wrote in “an Essay on Criticism”, to err is human, to forgive is divine. In Lewis’s story, I think an apology, in the great sense, would have gone a long way. Medical errors are now the third leading…

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  • Whale Done Essay

    When someone achieves great success in study or work, we are supposed to praise them and give positive responses to encourage them to keep up the good work. When mistakes or errors occur, we should redirect the energy and attention to the right things without blame. It is really a good idea which could help people have a healthier relationship with not only the family, but also the colleagues. The book begins with a visit to the world-famous marine zoological park in Orlando, from which Wes…

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