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  • The Symbols In Popular Mechanics By Raymond Carver

    The changing of the weather, the once joyful elements of a winter now gone. As the season comes to an end, a family’s relationship begins to wither away and die as they fight for a reason that is all too real in families today. This sets the scene for Raymond Carver’s short story, “Popular Mechanics.” “Popular Mechanics” opens with the husband of the family packing his suitcase in what appears to be the aftermath of a divorce. It then spirals into a domestic dispute between the wife and…

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  • Gnat Infestation Essay

    Knowing More about the Gnat Infestation in your Home Many are annoyed by little flying insects in their house, especially if they’re already in front of your face or flying around your food. These insects are small, usually long-legged, are considered as weak fliers and are called a gnat. These insects have many names like ‘fungus gnats’, ‘vinegar flies’ or even ‘fruit flies’. Why are there little flying gnats in my house? Know why there are gnats inside your house, you need to understand…

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  • There's No Such Thing As A Dragon Analysis

    Why does a dragon horde gold? This was one of the questions Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson posed during a lecture. Peterson used the metaphor of a dragon to illustrate why you must overcome your fears instead of ignoring them. Peterson used the children's book There's No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent to elaborate on this metaphor. In the story, a young boy awakes to a dragon sitting at the end of the bed. After patting the dragon's head, the boy runs downstairs to tell his mother.…

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  • How Does Gregor's Life Change

    character Gregor wakes up in his bed to find himself transformed into a vermin. He looks around his room, which appears normal, and decides to go back to sleep to forget about what has happened. He attempts to roll over, only to discover that he cannot due to his new body He begins to reflect on his life as a traveling salesman and how he would quit if his parents and sister did not depend so much on his income. Gregor’s mother soon knocks on the door, and when he answers her, Gregor finds…

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  • Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Character Analysis

    In the beginning chapter of Franz Kafka’s novel The Metamorphosis despite Gregor’s sudden mutation, Gregor “ - hadn’t the slightest thought of abandoning his family (17).” Kafka’s clear indication in that, although Gregor has faced an unfaminable change in physicality, his main priority has and is his family. As we delve into the first chapter of Kafka’s novel Gregor’s family’s priorities change drastically. The Analysis By the end of the first chapter Gregor’s position as the sole provider…

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  • Examples Of Dehumanization In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

    Who dehumanized Gregor the most? Throughout the book "The Metamorphosis" you will see Franz Kafka’s fictional story about a man who becomes a bug and on multiple occasions you will watch him get dehumanized by his family members. The question now is who dehumanized Gregor the most? The answer is Gregor’s father, on multiple occasions, he will make Gregor feel like he doesn’t feel Gregor is even a person. One of the main reasons Gregor was dehumanized by his father more than the rest…

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  • Alienation In Gregor Samsa's Metamorphosis

    person that could be said to be close to him was his sister, who would turn on him later in the story. Upon metamorphosis, Gregor could no longer provide for himself, which wasn't a problem, or his family who, he was most worried about. From the point of this major physical change from a human to a beetle, his family starts to turn on him. This is due to the fact that Gregor had no longer acquired the ability to work to work and provide for his family. After everything he had done for his family…

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  • Analysis Of Pastoralla By George Saunders

    In Pastoralla, George Saunders talks about a story that takes place in a theme park or a museum were an unnamed man and his coworker Janet work and live in a cave-like place where they both play their roles as a caveman and a cavewoman. The two actors have to live at their work place and work full-time job following strict rules to live like cave people. While the caveman lived and followed every rule to keep his job, Janet was unable to play her part on a continuous, consistent basis.…

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  • A Man Called Ove Dialogue

    A Man Called Ove A Man Called Ove begins with Ove (a fifty-nine-year-old man,) our main character trying to buy an iPad. After insisting time and time again that he must buy a keyboard and there is no way is comes with the iPad he begins to get angry and storms off out of the store. The dialogue between the two quickly shows both the generational disconnect and the crotchetiness of Ove. The story follows two narratives that are intertwined throughout the novel. One simply enough follows Ove…

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  • A Literary Analysis Of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

    Zachary Husain #087 Ms. Cindi DeWitt September 1st, 2015 IB English A1 HL Analysis of Gregor Franz Kafka, the author of The Metamorphosis, was born into the world with unexceptional circumstances. According to, Franz Kafka’s father, had a profound impact on both Kafka’s life and writing. Kafka’s father was a tyrant of sorts, and did not even have a slight appreciation for Kafka’s creative side, because of his father’s actions and personality, Kafka’s characters in his literature…

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