Isolation In Jane Eyre And Metamorphosis

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Isolation plays a key role in the character development in both works of Jane Eyre and Metamorphosis. Jane Eyre was treated like an outcast for most of her life, and most people she came into contact with did not take a liking to her. Gregor Samsa was transformed into a giant bug and his entire family shut him out of their lives and they treated him as if he was a huge burden that ruined their lives. These two characters being isolated from their families and not having a lot of love in their lives is a major archetype in both novels. Isolation plays a key role in the development of the characters and the meaning of the novel. Charlotte Bronte wrote her book, Jane Eyre, based on her own life. She grew up very lonely and experience a lot of loss in her life. Jane Eyre, the main character in Bronte’s novel, experienced many of the same challenges …show more content…
Franz Kafka wrote the novel right after the climax so the entire plot is the downfall and the conclusion. The reader has no idea how or why Gregor was transformed into a bug; they just know that he woke up one morning and was a giant bug. The isolation and despair felt by Gregor was also felt by Franz Kafka. During the time period it was written, the early 1900s, there was a lot of despair felt during this time because of the devastations of World War one. Also, the growth of cities made Kafka feel like no one was really important in the world anymore. Kafka used Gregor’s transformation and his isolation as an extended metaphor for how he felt about the changing world. Kafka felt like everyone was as meaningless as a bug, and very irreplaceable. This is shown by whenever Gregor dies everyone just goes back to their normal lives, and act as if Gregor was just a burden put on their lives. Kafka had a very negative view towards life and emulated his emotions toward the world through the

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