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  • Gender Roles In Green Grass Running Water

    From the very first page of Thomas King’s Green Grass Running Water it is clear that his novel is focused on more than just one social issue. Though the most prominent one is that of the indigenous culture in Canada, there are many others hidden in plain sight throughout the book. The one, aside from culture, that seems the most prominent is gender. As he weaves in and out of different narratives, it seems obvious that King has something to say about gender; more specifically women. And yet,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New Life In Grass Valley

    About two years ago, I moved to Grass Valley, CA. Truly I tell you, this was a brand new experience. My whole life was centered around the city of Elk Grove, my previous city. My friends, family, and everything were there. The day I moved was exciting, a chance for new experiences, but at the same time I felt something new: pain. Now when I say pain, I don’t mean as in your daily paper cut; I mean homesickness. I spent over half of my life in Elk Grove, and I wasn’t ready to leave. But of course…

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  • Analysis Of Black Elk: The Battle Of The Greasy Grass

    whites always wanted more, and so they lost respect for their leader, whom they saw as weak. In the ninth chapter, Black Elk and his friends share their memories of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, or as they refer to it, “the Battle of the Greasy Grass.” Once again, Neihardt is able to transcribe first-hand accounts of a major event in United States history. Black Elk describes more minor battles throughout the text, and in the tenth chapter shares his sentiments…

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  • An Analysis Of Sacrifice In Thomas King's Green Grass, Running Water

    There is a Western myth that the Aztecs used to sacrifice a person every day so that the sun would continue to rise on the morn. Whether or not this explanation for Aztec sacrifice is true or not is not something to be taken up here, but it does serve to analogize the ways in which Native lives and worldviews are sacrificed every day for the Western Settler world to see the new dawn. The violence of sacrifice is intricate, it is religious, it is beyond words, but, most importantly, it defines…

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  • The Role Of Identity In Thomas King's Green Grass, Running Water

    Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water portrays various lives of characters intertwined by the Native American folkloric gods. Lionel Red Dog, a man turning 40 years old attempts to reconstruct his life on a better path while struggling with his identity. As a born Canadian with an Asian ethnicity, my personal reading of Lionel and Charlie’s father Portland Looking Bear highlights their struggle with identity. Although never explicitly stated, the conflicting needs of being an individual and…

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  • What Does One Spring Of Nut Grass Symbolize In To Kill A Mockingbird

    In To Kill A Mockingbird a part that really bothered me was when Miss Maudie explained that, “one spring of nut grass can ruin a whole yard” (56), which is very much like the old proverb one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. While this can clearly be taken as a metaphor for people, I myself never agreed with this proverb. I believe that while one bad “apple” or “spring of nut grass” can spread, that does not mean it ruins the entirety of the bunch. Newton’s third law states that every action has…

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  • Character Analysis Of Latisha In Thomas King's 'Green Grass Running Water'

    In Thomas King’s Green Grass Running Water protagonist; Latisha experiences a personal journey to find her true identity. While undergoing her journey in attempt to discover the unique characteristics and beliefs she as an individual possesses, this character displays acts of heroism by facing challenging obstacles that are brought upon them throughout the novel. This is done through their actions as these characters present and exhibit qualities of independence, selflessness and generosity.…

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  • The Importance Of A Dog Being A Carnivore

    there are moments when we let them lose and see them munching on an unexpected food... grass. This has baffled too many dog watchers and owners alike, and they think that there is something wrong with that grass-eating dog. The answers as to why does a dog eat grass are actually too many; some answers are just keen observations, while some are theories concluded. Yet, no matter what the answer to this dog grass phenomena, it is still very important for us to know and understand this event to…

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  • Life In Walt Whitman's From Song Of Myself

    There is another image presented, that of a mother, which helps to build the poem’s association with the ideas of a human life, that is shown in statements like “and here you are the mother’s laps” (913) and “the grass is very dark to be from the white heads of old mothers” (914). This, like the image of a child, has widely accepted association with life since a mother is often known as both the creator of new life and a caretaker of those who are young and just…

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  • Process Essay: How To Mow A Beautiful Lawn

    How To Mow A Lawn: Simple Steps To A Beautiful Lawn Have you ever gazed out the kitchen window and realized the grass is getting extremely long and beginning to get a bit out of control. It is way past due to mow the lawn, but you haven’t had much experience in lawn keeping. You might see breathtaking lawns on television or in gardening magazines and wonder, how can I get my lawn to be a show stopper? Here are five simple steps and tips on pruning your lawn and making it look like a…

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