Rafael Nadal Research Paper

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Rafael Nadal is a professional tennis player. He is a twenty nine year Spaniard. At this time, Nadal is ranked number eight in the world. Since turning pro in 2001, he has won countless tournaments. A few of these tournaments include: the French Open, the US Open, and Wimbledon. After watching the US Open these past two weeks, I decided to write this paper on him because he a very well-known athlete due to a particular set of rituals that he performs before and during his matches. Rafael Nadal’s rituals and traditions make him very unique in the tennis world. These rituals primarily consist of nineteen actions that take place during his matches. Rafael is known for his tediousness on a tennis court. He is often looked upon as an obsessive …show more content…
As like any other athlete, he has a specific set of guidelines for his games. As a student, I view this as a separation. Although he is a player, he is separated from the others due to his unique ways. The part that primarily separates him from other athletes is his dedication to these rituals. In the past five years that I have spent watching him, I have never seen him deviate from his tradition. He follows these rules very carefully. Although it has not always been received well, his opponents and fans are now accustomed to his strict ways. To some, I’m sure it is annoying. Watching him repeatedly pick at himself and mess with his hair can get old very quick. His fans view his ways differently though. As one of his big fans, I admire him for his dedication. He has received harsh criticism from the media; but he still chooses to be himself and do what he believes best.
The deeper meaning of these rituals can be taken different ways. One person may think that it is him being superstitious. Another viewer may believe him to have a commonly known disorder called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Being a fan for many years, I have had these accusations, as well. He is so particular in his actions that it seems as though he has to be obsessive compulsive. These accusations do not matter though. Even if he is superstitious or obsessive compulsive, he still follows a specific ritual when it comes to his

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