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  • The Butterfly Revolution Analysis

    Benjamin Franklin once said “[t]hose who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” The message Franklin was trying to convey is that liberty is a gift, and it should not be used as a bargaining chip for ones personal desires. His warning to all about the value of vital rights is not just right-wing propaganda, but rather a warning with truth behind it. Throughout history many people have given total devotion to a ruler in hopes…

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  • The French Revolution: The Champ De Mars In Paris

    During the French Revolution, on 17 July 1791, the Champ de Mars in Paris was the site of a massacre, the fusillade du Champ-de-Mars. On that day, the National Constituent Assembly issued a decree that the king, Louis XVI, would remain king under a constitutional monarchy. Later that day, leaders of the republicans in France rallied against this decision. The larger crowd was also more determined than the first. Lafayette again tried to disperse it. In retaliation, the crowd threw stones at the…

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  • Comparing 1984 And The Film The Matrix

    The novel 1984 and the film The Matrix have many common themes and characters, but are also very different stories. The first similarity of the two works is between 1984’s Thought Police and The Matrix’s agents. In 1984, the Thought Police control everything and are always watching; looking for inappropriate actions, behaviour, or even expressions. On the other hand, the agents do very similar things in the matrix and through this they have created a “prison for the mind” (Wachowski and…

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  • The Relationship Between Boxing And Cinema

    Boxing and cinema have had a long lasting relationship. The first boxing film ever made dated back to 1894. Only 37 seconds were filmed during this match. No one seemed to care that won the match, but this film setup the bond created between boxing and films. Boxing films have come a long way, from making films representing heart and respect to fighting for money and fame. Along the timeline of boxing movies, one film that is known as one of the most recognized sport films of all time is Rocky…

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  • Parallel Characters In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    1945 was a prime year for novels: Stuart Little, Pippi Longstocking, and The Glass Menagerie were just a few published in this year. The most satirical novel of that year, however, was George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This novel practically dripped with satire; everything from the setting to the types of animals had a double meaning. The most notably parallel characters were Old Major, Snowball, Napoleon, and Pincher. Three out of four of these characters represent communist leaders, and…

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  • The Walking Dead Analysis

    The Walking Dead: Era of Zombies Living in a real-life zombie apocalypse where your day-to-day endeavors include facing hordes of the undead, dwindling supplies, and encountering dangerous strangers lurking in the woods can make the most formidable characters cower in fear. This show can utilize the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world and create a group of survivors holding on to their humanity a family that will do anything for one another. This is the world of The Walking Dead. There have been…

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  • Room 101 George Orwell Analysis

    . Parsons is proud of his daughter for reporting him of thought crime. Parsons exclaims that he doesn’t “bear her any grudge for it” (Orwell 233), but he was “in fact proud of her” (233). Parsons feels this way because he is extremely loyal to the Party and believes in anything they do. This displays the Party’s ability to manipulate Oceana’s population. The Party forces people’s loyalty to be directed at Big Brother and the Party rather than one’s own family. The Party is creating a society in…

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  • Corruption In Animal Farm

    on the farm. Throughout history there have been many great and despicable leaders but one way or the other they were all corrupt. As John Dalberg-Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the farm animals are being treated with great disrespect and are being taking advantage of. The animal’s respected leader, Old Major, addresses the situation and sets a spark for the animals to rebel against their cruel master, Mr.…

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  • Pablo Picasso's Impact On The World

    Pablo Picasso is probably the most important figure of 20th century, in terms of art, and art movements that occurred over this period. Before the age of 50, the Spanish born artist had become the most well known name in modern art, with the most distinct style and eye for artistic creation. There had been no other artists, prior to Picasso, who had such an impact on the art world, or had a mass following of fans and critics alike, as he did. Although his art career spanned over a 7 decade…

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  • The Beatles Songs Analysis

    songs mostly by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Overall I really like this album and would recommend this album to people. The band members in this band are Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. Ringo played the drums, John played rhythm guitar, Paul played bass and George was lead guitar. Paul Mccartney and John Lennon were the main singers in most of the songs. The Beatles are very well known and were a big hit from…

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