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  • Animal Farm Snowball Essay

    The second main character in Animal Farm, who is also the antagonist, is Snowball. He is a round and static character, who is described indirectly through his speech and actions. To begin with, Snowball is a metaphor for Leon Trotsky. He is exiled by Napoleon and never seen again. To begin with, although Snowball isn’t a bad character in the novel, he is still considered as an antagonist since he challenges the main character, Napoleon. Snowball runs against Napoleon for power on Animal Farm.…

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  • George Orwell's The Story Of The Three Little Pigs

    “The Story of the Three Little Pigs” is a fairytale developed in the England of 1890. Moreover, the story narrates the life of three little pigs who lived with an old sow who sent them into the real and hard world to seek their own fortunes. Subsequently, to accomplish their goals, they had to meet with a building materials vendor. On one hand, the first little pig built his house with straw and the second with sticks. Because of the weakness of those construction materials, both little pigs…

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  • How Does George Orwell Use Animals In Animal Farm

    Eric Arthur Blair, born in 1903, was a famous English critic, journalist, and writer. Better known by his pen name of George Orwell, he received his extensive education from multiple private schools in England, including Eton. His suspicion of the failing class system was rooted in his dreadful experiences with social entitlement and elitism at the private institutions he attended. Since his parents were English colonists in India, his first hand experiences with British imperialism shaped his…

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  • A Doll's House Feminist Essay

    A Doll’s House is a three act play written in 1879, and is considered the first feminist play. Nora, the main character, is labeled by Torvald, her husband, as a naïve housewife, but little does Torvald know that Nora is keeping a secret from him. Years ago, Nora forged her father’s signature to get a loan to save Torvald’s life. Now Torvald works at a bank, and he wants to fire Krogstad, an employee. Krogstad knows about Nora’s forgery, so he blackmails Nora into trying to get Torvald to keep…

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  • Movie Review: Tinker, Soldier, Spy

    Going into this movie, most of what I heard was that I wouldn’t like it. This prepared me to focus on following what was going on, leading me to enjoy the movie more than I otherwise would have. Because Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is so complicated, it pushes many viewers away. But the complicated paths of the plot and the characters in this movie simulate trying to find and follow a real spy, which takes a kind of focus many viewers aren’t prepared for while watching a movie. However, being a…

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  • Dystopian Novel

    How Things Could’ve Been Different In the Dystopian Novel, “1984” by George Orwell, there are multiple assets that changes the lives of many people, in their personality and the ways of how they live. Their way of life is being destroyed due to the iron fist of a godly figure named, “Big Brother”. The methods that are being used, were odd, but at the same time, undignified. In this dystopian “society [,] itself is typically the antagonist; it is society actively working against the…

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  • 1984 Modern Day Technology Analysis

    Modern Day Technology is Creating a 1984-Type Society George Orwell’s novel 1984 tells the story of Winston Smith, a man living in the dystopian society of Oceania in the year 1984. Oceania is ruled over by Big Brother and the Inner Party, a political group that believes in Ingsoc, English Socialism, and creating a world free of unorthodoxy and individuality. This is done by inventing Newspeak, Oceania’s official language designed to limit individual thought, and organizations like the Thought…

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  • Power And Authority In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    Power is strength and authority, when too much is given to one particular group they tend to run wild with it and a dictatorship is most likely the product. Animal farm expresses the idea that power leads to corruption through ways like mr. Jones being the leader of the farm, old major giving a speech and stirring a revolution, and the pig gaining the power to change the commandments. In the beginning of the story mr. Jones is the leader of the manor farm. He is the caretaker of all the animals…

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  • Animal Farm Totalitarianism

    Benjamin greatly contributes to the problem of totalitarianism on the farm by being passive and not voicing his opinion on Animalism. Although an intelligent animal, Benjamin chooses not to use his intelligence to challenge the new, corrupt government. Furthermore, he doesn't question their authority and by not doing so, causes the new way of life to remain in place. When asked by the animals what he thinks of the building of the windmill, he refuses to have an opinion on it. The animals are…

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  • Attitudes Toward Communism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    George Orwell displays an extremely negative view towards communism, totalitarian governments, and the means by which oppressors rise to power in the story Animal Farm. It’s very clear by the writing techniques and statements from the writing that Orwell feels very strongly about the issues and he dislikes how the government was during the Russian Revolution. During the Revolution, communism was being used as the form of government, and Orwell wanted equality for all, so he strongly disagreed…

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