Big Brother Is Watching You Analysis

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In the novel 1984, it talks about a society in the future that controls every aspect of life and every little move anyone makes is recorded and documented for the government to see. The saying “Big Brother is watching you” is referred to many times in this book since Big Brother is the leader of The Party and also the one that can be referred to as a god. With the advancement of technology at a steady rate, we may think to ourselves that this world may become what orwell described in his novel as unavoidable. This future was the fate that orwell saw since the advancements of televisions and the fact that you can talk to people through a phone and soon enough be able to see a face through the screen of a television is exactly what day is, instead of televisions, smart phones. “That’s not my cell phone, that’s my tracker” is an article which covers the fact that smart phones are basically what 1984 is mostly made of, a device that sometimes cannot be turned off with listening capabilities and camera on both sides of the device. These cameras can be turned on or off without the person knowing, viruses can also do some of these things but worse such as taking data and selling it to others or taking any photo they want at any time and selling it for profit or for their own …show more content…
The police have sworn to not look at any camera unless there is crime reported in the certain area and they need to see anyone who passed through those areas. Although impossible to see every camera known to man since that would just be impossible, but it is certain that anyone can look at any time and having that thought in your mind will think that you are being watched at any given time. 1984 is possibly predicting the future of our world

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