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  • Flying Boat Research Paper

    Hughes H-4 Hercules, commonly known as the “Flying Boat” or “spruce goose” was, and still is, the largest wooden aircraft ever designed and flown5. It holds the record for having the biggest wing with a span of 320 feet, which could cover an entire football field2. Henry Fraiser was the man who first proposed the idea of the enormous flying boat based on the demand for a transport plane to support the activities of the US military during World War 24. Frasier approached the famous aircraft designer Howard Hughes and together they formed the Hughes Kaiser Corporation2. They obtained a deal in May, 1942 by the US government that approved the design and demanded the construction of three Hercules capable of carrying the weight of 4 Sherman tanks using a budget of 18 million dollars1. The sea-plane was first designated as HK-1 for Hughes and Kraiser. However, after Henry quit the project due to design and construction problems, Hughes changed the name…

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  • The Finest Hours Analysis

    to a lower level. The winds were blowing to fast for the rescue crew to launch their ropes to the top. The winds would blow the ropes away from the tankers. On one of the tankers the survivors had no choice but to jump into the freezing waters. Then the rescue team would quickly grab the men, so they wouldn't float away with the waves. This method risked the survivors health. They would go into hyperthermia and they would contract frostbite from the freezing waters. The other tanker had around…

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  • Roof Rack Research Paper

    Aside from bikes and skis, the most popular item that needs to be transported with a roof rack is a boat. Kayaks, canoes, even surfboards are simply impossible to transport inside your vehicle. Compared to an alternative method of transpotation, such as a trailer, a roof rack is substantially cheaper and easier to use. The only problem: where do you start in selecting a roof water rack? What kind of boat will you carry? The first step in the selection process is determining what kind of boat…

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  • How To Make A Deepwater Start Essay

    Deepwater Start The deepwater start is necessary to the knee boarder beginner. The following are some steps on how to do it correctly. 1) Put the strap in loosest position and make sure it is at the front of the knee pad. 2) Lie on your stomach on the board with your hands in the palms-down grip. 3) Signal the boat driver to take the speed up slow. When the board begins to plane, start to pull your knees onto the knee pad. 4) Slowly slide or crawl on your knees until they reach the normal…

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  • Summer Paragraph

    We would all sit and talk about the past week or the plans for the next day. Of course, the girls were always trying to plan to go get out nails done, do a little shopping and then go out on the lake. Then the guys would shut that plan down really quick because they rather be on the boat instead of sitting in the scorching summer heat waiting on us. After the pointless bickering, us girls always got our way. So when the fire finally came to smoldering coals most everyone would go in for the…

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  • Personal Narrative-A Day At Camp V-Board

    small boat sailing class; a class I did not enjoy. I was not too thrilled about teaching sailing because the people you would teach would have to be engaged during instruction so they could learn how to sail properly. Along the breezy and sandy lake shore is where I preferred to teach since I could cool down in the water. My fifth period was full of uncontrollable, inconsiderate twelve and thirteen years old who had no respect for anyone. They would never pay attention when I was showing them…

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  • Personal Narrative: How To Build Three Boats

    When I was in tenth grade, in my marine sciences class we had a group project, in which we had to build three boats. It was the first project of the year, and it was a big part all of our grades. The boats could only be twelve centimeters by twelve centimeters at the most and could only be comprised of the materials provided in the class, tinfoil, two popsicle sticks, straws, tape, paper, etc. Each boat had to serve a different purpose, sail straight, hold thirty dice, or survive waves, and the…

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  • One More To The Lake Analysis

    In E.B White essay "One more to the lake" is a well written piece of writing. White essay is written about the present which he uses this effect as a comprising between present and the past. He shows how his son is just like him and how he used to be. Also how his son is different. Like for instance they both snuck out the boat, but also how he would use aloud out board motor. The difference between time and culture seem to jumps but to show some of the shuttle difference time can cause. Like…

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  • Marine Pro Research Paper

    become your ideal dream boat as well. Bestway Hydro-Force Marine Pro Features The Marine Pro is made using 3-ply reinforced vinyl. It is designed to handle even the most extreme conditions regarding UV exposure and exposure to petroleum products that may damage other inflatables. This means it has extra strength and provides more protection…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Boating

    time out on the boat, there are two things you should do. One, make sure you pack enough snacks and supplies to entertain yourself while over the water. The second, is to look good while out on the boat. Looking good while boating isn’t just about fashion though, it’s about functionality. Dressing up isn’t going to do much if your high heels cause you to trip and go overboard, so what should you wear instead? First off, it is important to make sure you are prepared for any weather situation.…

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