Hughes H-4 Hercules

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  • Flying Boat Research Paper

    Hughes H-4 Hercules, commonly known as the “Flying Boat” or “spruce goose” was, and still is, the largest wooden aircraft ever designed and flown5. It holds the record for having the biggest wing with a span of 320 feet, which could cover an entire football field2. Henry Fraiser was the man who first proposed the idea of the enormous flying boat based on the demand for a transport plane to support the activities of the US military during World War 24. Frasier approached the famous aircraft designer Howard Hughes and together they formed the Hughes Kaiser Corporation2. They obtained a deal in May, 1942 by the US government that approved the design and demanded the construction of three Hercules capable of carrying the weight of 4 Sherman tanks using a budget of 18 million dollars1. The sea-plane was first designated as HK-1 for Hughes and Kraiser. However, after Henry quit the project due to design and construction problems, Hughes changed the name…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A 4-H Extension Agent

    The first day I began as a county 4-H Extension Agent was January 23, 2010. As I began my new adventure with WVU Extension Service, my guiding principle was and continues to be this desired outcome: youth led by knowledgeable and caring adults learn and mature so that ultimately youth become caring and skilled citizens involved in their communities. Highlights and accomplishments of Kanawha County’s 4-H program include: • 4,797 youth and adults attended an education program by the Kanawha…

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  • It Is Impossible To Be A Good Citizen Essay

    Often while growing up, we are taught to be good people, to have good morals, and to do others what we would want to have done to ourselves. However, being a good citizen is not stressed nearly as much as being a good person, yet both ideas go hand and hand. The quote "it is impossible to be a good person and not a good citizen" as said by the late University of Arkansas professor Diane Blair, although simple, has a deep meaning. To me, the quote means living the morals I was taught about being…

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  • Codey Powell: Case Study

    about five months ago through our county 4-H program. Codey contacted me as the 4-H Educator of the county to start a 4-H club with his friends in the Ozark High School FFA program. I have never met a more inspiring, hardworking, pursuant teenager. Codey and I first bonded when I took him to the State 4-H Poultry Day three hours from where we live. The event registration began at 8:30 AM. That meant we had to leave town by 5:00 AM to get there on time. It was a long, early and entertaining…

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  • I Want To Pursue A Scholarship

    based in agriculture, education, and communications, the subjects that I am passionate about, and wish to pursue as a career. Mainly, my involvement in high school was with agriculture in 4-H and FFA, and other assorted school and community activities focused on other things. 4-H and FFA were where the bulk of my time in extracurriculars was spent in high school, and I was involved in both as much as I could. Some of my intricate projects included poultry, rabbits, dairy and meat…

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  • Personal Narrative: Forensics Day

    Once upon a time in a land far away…….oh wait, wrong story. Once upon a time in Louisiana, there was a girl in 4-H named Kourtni Thibodeaux and that girl was me; correction, is me and as you can presume I’m a bit of a jokester. I am sixteen-years-old, in the eleventh grade, and this is my eighth year participating in 4-H, sixth year a part of the Calcasieu Homeschool 4-H Club. This year, I was elected senior parliamentarian of my club. Being homeschooled, I have a lot of time to work on my…

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  • The Aviator Research Paper

    one of the wealthiest man in the world of the 20th century, Howard Hughes. The Aviator focuses on the mid-1920 through the 1940’s in the life of Hughes (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). The time of his interest in producing and directing movies, passion for airplanes, heated love affairs and scrappy corporate battles. The aviator follows the prolific events that occurred during Hughes big-budget World War I air epic called Hell 's Angels, and often controversial move called The Outlaw. His romances…

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