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  • Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization In The United States

    for state and federal treasuries (Schuette). By 2018, studies suggest the cannabis industry will have a $10.2 billion marijuana market (Diehm and Hall). According to Drug War Statistics, California alone would make $1.4 billion on the taxation and regulation of the cannabis market. Gieringer’s studies state, “that revenues from cannabis excise taxes might range from $2.2 to $6.4 billion per year.” That tax estimate is from 1994 and does not even include other taxes, such as sin tax or sales tax,…

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  • Perfect Competition Vs Monopoly Essay

    beneficial to a country’s economy condition thought economical of scale or unfavourable in case of inefficient economy by producing less products to increase price of products. It is essential for a government to protect the consumers by imposing regulations to the natural monopolies to control their market power and price for products and service. This is highly important when it comes to essential product and services industries which are operated by natural monopolies and where consumers…

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  • The Importance Of Asic's Practitioners

    addition to their regulatory roles, such as providing policy advice to government departments and formulating regulation. It is not uncommon for practitioners to have to work with regulators in the course of advising clients. Outlined in this Guidance Note are some practice tips for dealing with regulators in general as well as dealing with selected regulators – the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Office of the…

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  • Nursing Informatics In Nursing Science

    Nursing informatics (NI) is the specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information management and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage, and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society [HIMSS], 2016). Information technology has changed today’s health care dramatically for the better. The field of nursing informatics has allowed nurses and physicians to utilize new information…

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  • The Influence Of Industry Regulation And Legislation

    Industry Regulation and Legislation Dominique J. Fortson National University Industry Regulation and Legislation Industrial regulation is that the industrial regulation of costs charged to the buyer that is additionally called public regulation. The thought is to work out a value, or rate, that covers the assembly price and a good profit for the corporate. The general public interest theory of regulation that states that it "is necessary to stay a natural monopoly from charging…

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  • Jeffrey Miron Drug War Crimes

    In Jeffrey A. Miron’s Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition, he discusses the current battle with the regulation and legalization of drugs in the United States and provides an analysis of the problems associated with prohibition. One important aspect of this book, which makes it an excellent, read and economic analysis of prohibition is that he plays both sides of the coin, providing arguments for both prohibitionists and people in favor of the legalization. However, his main point is…

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  • Costco Wholesale Corporation: Government Regulation Analysis

    Costco Wholesale Corporation is an object for a variety of government regulations that are impacting the company’s business activities. As for a retail business, the recent increase of the regulation requires Costco Wholesale Corp. to follow them in order to avoid fines or restrictions. One of the recent laws, Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act signed in February 2016, puts a strict regulation on the import of goods in the U.S. that are produced with the help of the forced labor thus…

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  • Six Powerful Reasons To Legalize Marijuana Analysis

    Refuting “Six powerful reasons to legalize marijuana” by Owen Poindexter from NY Times The use, sale and possession of cannabis (marijuana) in the United States are considered as a schedule I control substances and illegal under federal law. However, five states have legalized marijuana for recreational use and thirty one states for medical use only. While proponents say there are legitimate reasons for cannabis legalization, concerns remain about the marijuana’s effect on users and their…

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  • Case Study Delectables Corporation

    Part A1: In this case, the issues regarding the health concerns at Delectables Corporation are too significant to turn the other cheek. As a recent MBA graduate, benefiting the company’s shareholders is important to me, since they can significantly improve my own future at the company. That being said, as a strong believer in Utilitarianism and an Edward Freeman enthusiast, it is even more important that I make choices that are in the best interest of the largest number of people as well as the…

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  • Case Study: Just Mayo

    product “Just Mayo.” To the average consumer, this product may seem to be another brand of mayonnaise, when in fact it is not. This is misleading to consumers. The government has regulations in place as to what can or cannot be called mayonnaise, but it is my belief that if America is to sustain its prosperity, these regulations should not be a requirement except in the most extreme of cases. Hampton Creek, just as any other company that produces a good or delivers a service, holds the…

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