Personal Narrative Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Denying the Beneficial
I was in the midst of having a conversation with my friend during study hall when one of our friends sat next to us. She quietly invited us to a Halloween party going on Friday night. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about attending the party, yet my friend managed to convince me to accompany her. It was late October and Friday night came along. As we got to the party we were greeted by many people. It was crowded and hot, and my friend and I made our way through all these people until we were finally able to escape out through the back into the yard.
It was chilly outside, and there was a distinct smell in the air. I couldn’t make out what it was. I heard one of my friends call me over by her and a group of people. As we started
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They’re either curious about it or are exposed to it by friends, and other peers. The fact that marijuana is illegal doesn’t stop them from pursuing it. It seems like it does just the opposite; it makes teenagers want to get their hands on it even more. It increases the use of cannabis because there’s a thrill that comes with doing something that is prohibited. It’s also easier to have access to marijuana than it is to get alcohol for most high school students. Since we have restrictions on alcohol it’s not as easy for youth to get their hands on, whereas cannabis is distributed to any age group. Drug dealers don’t care who they sell it to as long as they get their money. I have friends who consume cannabis and don’t have any trouble getting it, that’s how accessible it …show more content…
Cannabis is less addictive than many other legal and illegal drugs. In fact it’s also far less addicting than alcohol and tobacco. If we’re going to ban drugs based on how addictive they are, marijuana would be rather low on the list. Out of all the people I know that consume cannabis, not one of them are addicted to it. A friend of mine has been consuming cannabis for years now, but not constantly, yet she doesn’t feel the need to have it either. On the other hand, I have a friend who smokes cigarettes and is addicted to them. She has tried many methods to stop smoking yet she is continuing to consume them. Both my grandparents (from my moms’ and my dads’ side) have been chronic alcohol users. They started drinking at a young age. One of them passed away being an alcoholic and the other one continues drinking. Even if an individual does get addicted to marijuana the symptoms of withdrawal tend to be shorter and

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