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  • Pharmaceutical Government Role

    In this report the role of the government in pharmaceutical regulation will be explored. Examples of how the government regulates the pharmaceutical industry will be presented; furthermore, each event will be analysed to determine whether the regulation was from a public or private interest theory perspective. In the end the goal is to reveal the dominant theory of regulation in the industry and which theory better predicts the outcome of events presented. The government’s role in the…

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  • Case Study: Charter Spectrum

    hidden in additional services and equipment rental. Who is to blame for the high price cable television subscribers are left with: is it the local governments and their captive theory of involvement, is it the FCC and DOJ for not strictly enforcing regulations and allowing too many mergers to skate through, or is it the lack of real competition caused by the monopoly of the industry? The real dilemma and question to answer is where does it go from here, and how does one of life’s simple…

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  • Essay On Biopolitical Control

    THE INCREASED BIOPOLITICAL CONTROL OF WOMEN’S BODIES THROUGH REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE REGULATION; AN INTERSECTIONAL ANALYSIS. Recently proposed laws that enact abortion and reproductive health care regulation have been marked as safety precautions in order to protect the health of women. However, these laws do not consider which groups are most often impacted by their enactment, and what the consequences of said enactment may be. If clinics in low income neighborhoods cannot meet…

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  • Regulations In The Tablet Industry

    extent regulations, the new entrants and existed companies in the industry should be understood and followed. Through the tablet development, the new government regulations are changing and adjusting over time. It is important to enter the tablet industry. The government regulations and some conditions may be the barrier for the new entrants, but it protects customer rights, which the companies can healthily and profitable development. The company should follow and consider the regulations and…

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  • The Side Effects Of Illegana And The Legalization Of Marijuana

    Humans have utilized cannabis since 2700 B.C. Over the last few decades, marijuana has been used for textiles, medicine, and recreational use. Society tends to correlate marijuana with lazy, unproductive, and food munching individuals suffering from a drug addiction, but the public opinion has changed in recent years. This shift in opinion is due to the fact that scientific research has disproven many of the myths created by reefer madness in the 1960s. The legal use of marijuana recreationally…

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  • Importance Of Self Regulation In Nursing

    Self-Regulation: An Integral Part of Professional Nursing Introduction Within the realm of occupational regulation there are many strategies that exist. Two of the most widely used approaches include state regulation, and self-regulation. The profession of nursing has its own professional regulating bodies that perform the latter. Self-regulation is a concept that is often not fully understood. In order for self-regulation to be effective and fully reach its regulating potential, its importance…

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  • Regulatory Failure Essay

    Regulatory frameworks sometimes fail. It’s a fact. Life, its participants, and the society we create in a state is far too complex for laws and regulations to work or to be conducted as intended every time. But by no means does this permit the failure of regimes. Quite the opposite; for the acceptance of failure brings with it a realisation to implement laws and regulations with the utmost care, and to learn from past mistakes- and there has been huge ones. One such example is the leaky homes…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Mysterious Marijuana

    Mysterious Marijuana When it comes to marijuana, majority often have a negative perspective on the substance, but is this really the case? If so, why have other countries begun to legalize marijuana? The decision on whether to legalize this drug has become a heated debate over the years. Moreover, with today 's media-rich culture, it is not a surprise to find endless aspects on cannabis as our uncertainty and ambivalent attitude slowly radiates towards the substance. However, the contention…

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  • Corruption Regulation

    countries implement regulations on lobbying only in response to public outcry over a recent scandal. In the United States, national lobbying regulations were passed through congress and implemented as early as 1933, and the first widespread act to cover all groups was passed in 1995. Even prior to this regulation, most states had their own regulations starting in the 19th century. Since 1995, the legislature has made many changes to the existing rules, creating a complex web of regulation. Yet…

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  • Reasons For The Decriminalization Of Cannabis

    (10) This act emphasises Ireland’s strict laws of control and regulation regarding cannabis and other various drugs. The act outlines the following set laws. Any individual found with cannabis or a controlled drug on their possession, may be found guilty of a criminal offence. Depending on the quantity of the drug…

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