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  • Ansoff Matrix Analysis

    With the steady change in standards and regulations, this can moderately have an impact in all organizations. The bookkeeping embarrassments in the 21st century, for instance, has driven the "Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States" to be more engaged in corporate consistence. The…

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  • And Disadvantages Of Globalization Of Finance

    The advantages of Globalization of finance are the reduction of financial risk, improve the allocation of capitals, and reduce borrowing cost. Every business small or large has some form of a financial risk. The reduction of financial risk may require a business to plan for potential risk and existing risk. A company needs to plan ahead for future difficulties seen or unforeseen. Improving the allocation of capitals is one of the most important decisions associated with a company’s success and…

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  • Importance Of Institutional Theory In Project Management

    Project management literature is a broad expansion of knowledge that ranges from practical to theoretical exploration and analysis. On the surface, it has variable dimensions of knowledge and skill, but can be implicit on a profound level through the viewing lenses of other forums of management theories. One such theory that we will view project management through is institutional theory and its uses within this field. “… [I]nstitutional issues are important to the long-term performance of…

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  • Essay On Reasons For Government Regulation Of E-Cigarettes

    Done By: Kamal Adiab Reasons for Government Regulation of E-cigarettes Governments need to regulate the use of e-cigarettes for two reasons. Firstly, the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are unknown (1). Information on safety and potential benefits vs. harms are also unknown; furthermore, studies show that e-cigarettes contain nicotine and may also contain other harmful chemicals, including carcinogens and lung irritants (2). The studies showed that the chemicals found in two leading…

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  • Food Regulations Essay

    The main question my group members Laura Aday, Daniela Mejia-Lagos, and I discussed were how food regulation could be enhanced. The topic had dealt with food regulations in agriculture, livestock, and business. Poor food regulations in these areas could lead to health problems, norovirus outbreaks, and other forms of illnesses to the world population. The best solutions to my subtopic, which is business, was for the improvement of workers’ protection and universally accepted food safety laws.…

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  • State Credentialing Board

    Professional counseling practice is a field that is governed by various regulations and credentialing standards that govern the practices of these professionals. In order to improve the effectiveness of their practice, counselors need to be aware of issues and opinions associated with the regulation of their professional practice. The process of becoming aware of opinions and issues relating to counseling practice involves seeking regulation, which entails asking society for the license of the…

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  • The Importance Of Direct Effect In European Union Law

    While the supremacy is an European Union law principle of when there is conflict between European law and domestic law of member states, European law prevails; the norms of national law have to be set aside. The supremacy of EU law arose after conflicts on national law and EU law. This was a constitutional problem of some magnitude for member states. The original treaty of Rome has always been silent on which law in case of conflict should prevail. In the early days this was a diplomatic…

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  • The Importance Of The Insurance Industry

    Background The federal government’s role in regulation is to protect consumers and the market. There is an ongoing debate on whether the federal government should regulate the insurance industry due to the bailouts stemming from the financial crisis of 2008. Currently, state governments regulate the insurance industry. Proponents of federal regulation argue that states are inefficient in the duty of insurance regulation. Additionally, the federal government has economies of scale and may offer…

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  • Behavioral Adverting: Article Analysis

    Zukina(2012) is also concerned with privacy in behavioral adverting. The article evaluates the FTC’s role and provides information about possible measures for regulation. A weakness against the article is there are a few statements that are unfounded. For example, Zukina believes behavioral advertising operates under the Network Advertising and Digital Advertising Alliance and not the FTC (Zukina, 2012, pg. 277). The Network Advertising Initiative and Digital Advertising Alliance have provided…

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  • EPA Environmental Regulation

    as the Plant Biotechnology Consultation Program. The Program was started in the 1990’s to cooperatively work with GE plant developers to help them ensure foods made from their new Genetically engineered plant varieties are safe and lawful(“EPA 's Regulation”,2015; Genetically Engineered,…

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