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  • Energy Drinks Crisis Essay

    The crisis of kids drinking energy drinks is an issue that is small but contributes to the issue more and more as time is going on. Having an energy drink has become a social norm with so many people starting to drink them. This is also leading to more kids drinking these types of drinks when they are young enough that should not need that energy boost. Having kids think that they are going to need the boost to get through the day because they are falling asleep in school is an issue that needs…

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  • Energy Drinks Persuasive Speech

    Energy drinks, they are good right. Wrong, they are bad for you; it could be considered just as dangerous to your health as tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. Sure it hasn’t killed as many people but someday it will get there. Especially if there are no laws made about it. It is truly harming kids because their bodies are not developed enough yet and it’s really affecting their health. Monsters, there was a boy who had drank three of them quickly. Who know why but he did, well that boy is now dead.…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Energy Drinks

    and won’t let me drink it. I always thought he yelled at me because he was attempting to protect his drink from me; from drinking it. As I grew up, taking health class made me realized that energy drinks are unhealthy and contains things that can harm your body. Therefore now I know Energy drinks are deadly because it provides the body with a large amount of caffeine and sugar that messed up the body system and can even lead to death.…

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  • Monster Energy Drinks Case Study

    Monster Energy Drink was launched by Hansen Beverage Company. Their slogan “Unleash the Beast” means if you drink Monster Energy, you are capable of anything. “Energy drinks are defined as soft drinks with energy-enhancing properties; mainly carbonated and containing stimulants such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, glucuronolactone, yerba mate, along with glucose syrup (corn syrup) and maltodextrin.” (MarketLine, 2016, p. 35) Before game time, many athletes believe drinking an energy drink will…

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  • 5 Hour Energy Drinks Case Study

    dizziness. These are just a hand-full of side effects (not on the side of these drinks) that can occur when consuming this much caffeine. 5-Hour Energy claims you will get “no crash” with their small shot (2 fluid ounces) containing roughly 200 milligrams of caffeine. Even though they claim no crash, this only means no “sugar crash” because of the use of artificial sweeteners. There have been 13 reported deaths from this drink in just the past 6 years. In most cases this was due to heart…

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  • Energy Drinks-A Threat To Public Health

    Energy Drinks - A Threat to Public Health? Are ALL energy drinks a "threat to public health" as a recent Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) commentary suggests? Or is it just the ones with excessively high levels of caffeine? From the point of view of one of the millions of people worldwide who enjoy energy beverages, I am concerned that the public and our government regulatory agencies may be tempted to incorrectly label ALL energy drinks as dangerous, just because some people…

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  • Compare And Contrast Coffee And Energy Drinks

    caffeine cannot be good for you. Two main products that contain caffeine are coffee and energy drinks. When it comes to both of these things people can argue on how one is better than the other or how they’re both bad for you. There are statistics to prove both of these sides to be correct. There are many similarities between coffee and energy drinks; however, when it comes to differences, the health risks of energy drinks outweigh coffee. Caffeine is an ingredient in coffee, and many people…

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  • Energy Drinks

    Safety and Regulations for energy drinks The (FSSAI) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has drafted the regulations that the energy drink manufacturers should rename their products as ‘caffeinated beverages’ Based on the research done on the study of caffeine and energy consumption in India, the draft regulation would evidently raise the caffeine limit to 320 milligrams per litre or 320 parts per million (ppm) in caffeinated beverages as well as disallow any nutritive claims the…

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  • Confeinated Energy Drinks

    In today’s society, the caffeinated energy drinks sectors have revealed strong growth in the beverages industries over the world (Bunting et al., 2013 and Smith, 2013). Klaassen et al. (2012) noted that a caffeine is one of psychoactive substances in energy drinks and easy to purchase. Smith (2013) mentioned that even the caffeinate drinks have both benefits and drawback effects of caffeine however; most energy drinks contain excess sugar daily allowances recommendation that might be obesogenic…

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  • Monster Energy Drinks

    The global team of athletes sponsored by Monster Energy, the caffeinated-beverage company, is a roster of super bros. Conor McGregor, of Ireland, is a densely tattooed mixed-martial-arts champion who trained in Tae Kwon Do, karate, capoeira, and kickboxing while working as a plumber, prior to turning pro in M.M.A. Tom Schaar, of Malibu, became, at the age of twelve, the first person to land a 1080-degree airborne rotation on a skateboard, and was the youngest-ever gold medalist at the X Games,…

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