Causes And Effects Of Energy Drinks Essay

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Cause & Effect of Energy Drinks

The everyday struggles of life keep americans up late at night, and leave them feeling tired and fatigued the next morning. The immediate solution for some, is to grab a freshly brewed coffee from their home or the nearest cafe. For those who do not like the taste of coffee or the staining effect it has on one’s teeth, there needed to be an alternative. That’s where the invention of energy drinks came in. Students, Athletes, and workers all need a boost and here are the areas from which they have benefited from energy drinks.

First, the number one cause for the creation of the energy drink would be for those who do not like the taste of coffee but still need that boost in the morning. The younger generation for example, wanted a tasty alternative to the bitter tasting coffee. High school, as well as college, can be very tiring. Having to wake up early morning combined with sports, hobbies, working part time, and finding social time in between all that. Studying becomes an option when all of those other things take up so much time out of the day, and little energy is left to do anything else. Especially with the
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They have aided athletes by supplementing them with the needed energy to get a more effective workout, which in turn makes for a better athlete. They have also helped workers by shocking their system with caffeine to start and finish their shift strong and also get home safe. Through all these benefits, some may become blind to the hidden side effects to drinking energy drinks all day everyday. The resulting use of all this sugar and caffeine throughout the day can drastically change your health. This heavy load of sugar and caffeine overtime can affect your heart, kidneys and lead to other complications with your health. Overall, energy drinks are fine in mediation because of the possible health

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