Energy Drinks Vs Caffeine Essay

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Caffeine is the perfect drug for the twenty first century world where everyone has their own race to win. One has to push oneself to the limit to achieve something, resulting in stress and exhaustion. Caffeine emerges as the drug to overcome stress, exhaustion and keep going that extra mile. Moreover caffeine is easily available and legal. There are many sources of caffeine readily available in the market, the major ones are coffee and energy drinks. It is important to know about the drinks because the way a caffeine is delivered in a drink affects one’s body and mind. There are many basic differences between coffee and energy drinks like coffee is usually served hot whereas energy drinks are served cold. But there are three major differences …show more content…
Coffee has hundreds of years of history behind it and it is regarded highly social. Drinking coffee together has been a way of bonding for many years that is why deep thoughts, emotions and long talks are shared over a cup of coffee. It gives a chance to know one another, catch up on lives and talk about different things (Looijen). Moreover, coffee houses are the best places to have a conversation where one can also see several others interacting with each other over a cup of coffee. In contrast energy drinks are relatively new product and are drank alone and quickly. There is a huge question as to when the first energy drink was made as people associate coca cola with energy drinks as they too have caffeine in them. But the first energy drink was made by Japan in the 1960’s and made popular by red bull when it was launched in 1980’s. The consumers of energy drink are relatively young people who do not have much time to spend, that is why it is consumed relatively faster and alone. Sports groups are the only group where one can observe several others drinking energy drinks at the same time. Energy drinks are popular among the youths as they provide a quick hit, high dose and act faster than a coffee. Energy drinks have a very short history compared to coffee, it was invented a few decades back but its popularity cannot be ignored. It is perfect for one who does not enjoy sitting and interacting over a

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