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  • The Hero Of Nat Turner And The Slave Hero

    No one can be considered a hero because to some people their acts that make him or her seem a hero can be controversial. A person who is seen as a hero but is also seen as someone who acted out of vengeance was Nat Turner. Nat Turner was born into slavery on October 2, 1800 in Southampton, Virginia (“Nat Turner’s Rebellion”). His experience as a slave was the same as any other slave; no freedom, no rights, and couldn’t do anything unless his master told him to. Nat Turner was sold to various…

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  • Change And Symbolism In Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard

    In Anton Chekhov's 1904 play The Cherry Orchard, a Russian family who is used to a life of riches begin to experience the hardships of poverty. Due to an extreme amount of carelessness and selfishness, the mother of the estate Lyubov Andreevna Ranvskaya loses the funds that have been allowing her to keep her family in a comfortable position financially. Throughout the play, Chekhov uses many items to represent symbolism, such as the cherry orchard itself to represent the golden age of…

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  • A Rose For Emily Summary And Analysis Essay

    “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is a short story that is divided into five sections. In section I, the entire town is at Miss Emily’s funeral, which is held at her home. The mayor, Colonel Sartoris has suspended Emily’s tax responsibilities to the town after her father’s death. But, the new generation of the town isn’t happy with this arrangement. However, they try to get her to pay the tax, but she refuses to pay the taxes. In section II, Emily is single at the age of thirty because her…

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  • Professional Development

    1. Identify other committees in the district and staff involved in professional development. • This can be a committee that conducts survey, etc. (20 Points) All faculties (district-level, school administrators, and teachers) of the district are included in ongoing professional development. Professional development occurs at each school site in order to address the individualized needs of staff, computer and/or academic programs, software, etc. that is pertinent to each campus. Professional…

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  • Nancy Lou Webster: A Short Story

    Elgin history spotlight – Nancy Lou Webster This is the story of longtime Elgin resident/artist Nancy Lou Webster and her 1935 Straight 8 Buick Coupe with suicide doors named “Katie.” The story begins with Nancy Lou as a teen in Oxford, Mississippi. “Miss Kate Skipwith was a philanthropist who lived on Main Street in Oxford, Mississippi. She wanted a car so she ordered a new car to be shipped by rail to her. A 1935 Buick Series 40 Coupe. It arrived by rail in Oxford with five miles on the…

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  • Consuelo Samarripa's Life

    Her stories then shift to the nucleus of life in the west side Barrio to her grandmother’s house. Like the hub of a wheel, all family life came from it and especially in the kitchen where they gathered making tamales at Christmas and learning life lessons sitting around the table beneath the light fixture. “A light socket, a light bulb and a dangling string, so primitive yet heartwarming, it was a sure sign of home,” she wrote. The tales fluctuate from climbing backyard chicken coops and trees,…

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  • Hans Christian Heg's Immigrants

    of the Free Soil Party for some time, Hans went on to join the new Republic party. After that, Hans’s political career skyrocketed; he became a supervisor in the Town of Norway, Racine County and justice of the peace. Later, Hans became chairman of the Town Board of Norway. Next, he was appointed to the Racine County Board of Supervisors. Due to his successful start in his political career, although his stay was brief, Hans decided to leave his family farm and move to Waterford, Wisconsin.…

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  • Reflection On Lupkin County Parks And Rec

    Introduction Lumpkin County Parks and Rec was an experience I will never forget. As a future educator, it showed me how to treat children and how not to treat them. The program that I attended was only during the summer and was open from seven in the morning to six in the afternoon. There were around three to four college-aged counselors at a time looking after the children. None of the counselors were 4ducation majors, so they were not learning the different techniques of disciplining and…

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  • Childhood Hunger Analysis

    childhood hunger, begin to grow up. In Erath county there is a population within our communities that are living a life that is filled with food insecurity. A few opportunities…

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  • Special Gifts In Roanoke Island Literas

    In a post apocalyptic world where modern medicine and technology is barely used, and most of the population has died because of a plague spread by rats. People must thrive and live on the land, and people must work together in harmony to survive. On the island Hatteras, which is connected to the island Roanoke by a bridge lives a tribe of 14 people. Everyone on the island has special gifts, and because of these gifts they’re known as elemetals. Elementals are people who were born with the…

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