Childhood Hunger Analysis

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Assignment 3
Four years ago one out of every five children went hungry because of lack of food in their household. As every year comes and goes that number slightly increases as our population increases. This is not only a big city issue but it is also a small town issue that is being addressed not only by small town governments but by Federal and State level governments. Because hunger is such a huge issue it is important that we, as social workers, begin to look into the problem on a deeper level. There are many problems that will show themselves as the children, affected by childhood hunger, begin to grow up.
In Erath county there is a population within our communities that are living a life that is filled with food insecurity. A few opportunities
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Some of them have looked closer at different sections such as government funded programs while others are looking at more of the community organizations that were started at home. I was really excited to find multiple articles over community organizations that Erath County has adopted into their system. Some of the options routes that these educators went with were Backpack Buddies and Food Pantries. These are vital to the children because not only does it provide food that they normally wouldn’t be getting from their parents but it also helps with their self esteem because these programs show that there is someone out there that cares about their …show more content…
With this knowledge I will be able to talk to community members that are involved in many different ways with the children, their development and food insecurity needs. Being able to fall back on statistics within their own community will help when trying to come up with new ways to help these children. One way that I feel that I can personally help is by getting the word out there on the Backpack Buddies to the families. Whether it is helping get a flyer together and sent home with the first day of school packets or even just brochures in the front office. I feel that when a parent doesn’t know about services and free help they don’t know to ask for it. Being able to get the information out there to them will be super helpful since there won’t be an excuse not to sign their child up. Another way that I would want to help the community is to set up more events to show parents and other family members how to sign up for benefits. It can be a difficult process that can easily be given up on when it comes to filling the forms out. By setting up the events it helps show that the community not only cares but they are helping by giving a hand up by not just giving a hand out. Through the events and workshops it will promote a sense of accomplishment in the fact that the parents are able to help their child out and to give them the best start in life

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