Analysis Of Feed My Starving Children

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Feed my starving children is a non-profit organization that packages food to send to malnourished children in several countries. These sustainable meals are made specifically to pack as many nutrients as possible to help nourish and strengthen the children so they can be healthy and conquer their fight against starvation. When most people think about global hunger they think of a lack of production of food in developing countries, however, it’s more than that. Global hunger encompasses not only food production and security, but also distribution and access. Feed my starving children distributes their packed food to about 70 countries which gives children in these countries access to food that otherwise would not be there. Our morning at feed my starving children was pretty overwhelming at first. There was a large group of volunteers. I have volunteered at feed my starving children several times, but this was the largest group I have ever been in. At the beginning of the session they explain the packing process and the different types of meals that they send. We had the unique opportunity to pack the Potato-W which is made for …show more content…
So what can we, in the United States, do to help solve this problem? I think the first thing that comes to peoples mind is money. Feed my starving children produces all of their food with donations, which is awesome. However, volunteers are also needed to pack food in order for it to be distributed all over the world. While donating money is important donating time is also very valuable and necessary. Time is valuable because it allows you to create relationships with other activists and also with those in need and reduces the cost of providing the services. You can always make more money, but you can’t get more time. Those who are blessed with money should donate money, those blessed with time should donate their time, those blessed with both should do

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