A Place At The Table, By Lori Silverbush And Kristi Jacobson

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America, although ranked one of the world’s greatest and wealthiest countries is home to an appalling percentage of undernourished and poverty-stricken Americans. A place at the table, directed by Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson is a documentary outlining one of America’s vital yet most neglected problems and their proposed solutions. The documentary was produced in order to raise awareness about the hunger and poverty situation happening all over America in which millions of Americans are struggling to support themselves and feed their family. It is estimated that 14.5 percent of U.S households struggle to provide food for the family and most do not have enough food on the table. The percentage although seems like
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Hunger in America is a great problem but it can be prevented and eradicated as long as the nation has the will and determination to make it happen both on a national scale.
In America alone, statistics prove that one in every six individuals face hunger on a regular basis. Although there is an astonishing amount of people who face hunger, this is not because there is an insufficient supply of food available in the country, but it is because many individuals are living in poverty or below the poverty line. Rosie, a young fifth grader living in Colorado, is one of millions of children who face hunger as a result of poverty. Rosie is dependent on neighbors and friends, food stamps, numerous charities and organization and relies on any other resources that can aid her in obtaining a sufficient amount of food. Hunger impacts Rosie’s school performance greatly. As a result of hunger, Rosie is unable to concentrate in her studies and does poorly in school. Other individuals who experience hunger complain that most healthy nutritious foods are priced high and they are unable to purchase them; as a result they are
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Hunger is one of the most vital yet most neglected problems that can be easily eradicated. It is associated with obesity, malnutrition and could destruct a society if it is prevalent. There are many things being done to help eradicate the problem; for example hundreds of thousands of social programs to help the homeless and hungry have been established. Education is being given to even the most underprivileged communities in America and the literacy rate is rising rapidly. Furthermore, many activists are now devoting their time to finding a resolution to world hunger. These activists have established several food banks and protested about their cause on behalf of millions of hungry Americans. As long as a nation and their government are willing to solve a problem either nationally or globally, they will be able to overcome any obstacles and achieve their goals if they’re persistent and have a will to create positive change in the

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