How Bad Is Child Poverty? By Adam Ozimek

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Will child poverty ever end or will it continue to increase? Child poverty is a huge problem that this world is facing today. This problem effects children studies and their living situation. Most low-income families are barely making enough to provide for themselves and their children. It seems like there are some possibilities to solve this matter, but on the other hand the percentage of child poverty could increase as well. Child poverty is a very inconsistent problem because even though contributing money to the low-income families can be helpful, this situation will continually go on if there isn’t any other solution. By delaying childbirth could be a way to decrease child poverty as well as it could be a huge problem. In the article, “How Bad Is Child Poverty?” by Adam Ozimek discusses effective ways to decrease child poverty and a dispute from Elizabeth Bruenig. The main argument for this situation is to delay childbirth by reducing poverty. The poverty rate by age decreases as people get older, but people around the ages of 20 and 30 has a higher percentage of poverty. Since Bruenig is a Catholic, she doesn’t support birth …show more content…
More than half of children in public school are living in poverty and the percentage of low-income families are rising. Back in 2000, there were only 38 percent of students with free or reduced price lunches. Students from low-income families most likely have different needs from middle and high-income families such as medical problems or behavioral issues. In “Delaware 's child poverty rate remains high,” by Jen Rini, she mentions “Many wonder when their next meal will be. School may be the only place where they can find clean clothes,” (Rini, 1). A lot of children in poverty depend on school meals because of the living situation that they’re

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