Child Poverty Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Firstly, the relative low income indicates the children in households below the sixty percent of median income. Secondly, the absolute low income, which indicate the children in households below sixty percent of 2010/11 median income up rated in line with inflation. Thirdly, combined low income and material deprivation indicates the children below 70 percent of median income together with as yet an undefined material deprivation index. Fourthly, the persistent low income is to be defined in 2014. Field (2010) stated that this Act was more feasible so it may be easier for government to achieve the anti-child poverty strategy announced in 1999. However, he also argued that this strategy is proposed before the economic recession and the programs to end child poverty need huge investment. With the pressure of economy recession, there will be more reasonable alternatives to instead of these measures. Furthermore, DWP (2002) also claimed that the good child poverty indicator should be timely, open and robust to statistical …show more content…
The poverty is a relative concept, which may be different under different economic backgrounds. Child Poverty Act, 2010 also set out the four measures to define child poverty. There are many measures to child poverty. Therefore, the factors influence the measures can be considered as the causes of child poverty. The low income of household is the direct cause of the child poverty. The large family also is an important cause of child poverty in the UK with the data. At the same time, the single families contribute a large part of the child poverty in Britain. Another important cause is the persistence of poverty across the generations. The not working of parents, number of children in the family, single parent or not, and the education backgrounds of the parents are the main causes of the children poverty. Therefore, there are many factors to cause the child poverty in different cases. The current facts of child poverty in the UK also show the state of child poverty is still crucial. To tackle the child poverty, the government of the UK also takes many policies. However, some of them are effective while others are not effective. At the same time, the policy can also bring in new problems as distort effects of

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