Disneyland Informative Speech

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Imagine your happy place; imagine how much money it costs to get into that place and how you feel when you arrive at your happy place. Imagine only having to pay $1 as an admission fee to your happy place. Back in 1955 that was the cost you would have to pay to get into a place that many people adore (Blasingame). Disneyland makes a ton of money a year solely based on how much money it takes to actually get into the parks. To gain a better understanding, I will first preview the history of ticket prices. Next, explain the symbolism of Disneyland, and finally, discuss the current ticket prices of Disneyland. The history of Disneyland ticket prices from its opening day in 1955 compared to the cost to enter the parks now has increased tremendously. …show more content…
Currently the prices of the Annual Passports are ridiculously high, but Disneyland thought of a strategy to make even more money. They now have a monthly payment plan based on what kind off Annual Pass you would like to buy. The Premium pass is currently unavailable as of today. There is now a new pass called the Disney Signature Plus Passport for $1049 with no blackout days with a monthly payment plan of roughly $79.17 (Annual Passports). The next available pass is the Disney Signature Passport which is $849 and has 16 days blocked out between December 19 and January 2 (Annual Passports). The third pass is the Disney Deluxe Passport and it is $599 and has a lot of blackout days and is $41.67 (Annual Passport). The last type of pass is the Disney Southern California Select Passport and is $329 with monthly payment of $19.17 it has mainly blackout dates (Annual Passports). The parking is only free if you purchase the Disney Signature Plus Pass and the Disney Signature Pass otherwise it is $17 each time you go and park (Annual Passports). This will discourage a lot of people from buying passes and have more people leaning to the Day Passes that are $99 for one day. The demand of Disneyland has gone up therefore making the prices shoot up as

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