Choledocholithiasis Essay

  • Research Article Review: Lower Body Mass Index

    count, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Leukocyte count, Neutrophil count, Platelet count, AST, ALT, BUN, Serum creatinine, CRP, and Body temperature. Data Sources, terms- They got their data from 96 elderly patients (65 years and older) who were hospitalized with infectious disease, and were treated with either 9g/day or 12g/ day of ABPC/SBT. The patients were hospitalized from December of 2011 to July of 2012 at Rakuwa Kai Otowa Hospital. Prior to conducting their experiment, the researchers diagnosed and classified the patientes into their relative infectious disease group. Of the 96 total patients, 27 had aspiration pneumonia, 13 had pneumonia, 8 had urinary tract infections, 6 had acute cholecystitis, 5 had acute cholangitis, 5 had choledocholithiasis cholangitis, 4 had acute pyelonephritis, 3 had complicated urinary tract infection, 2 had acute pneumonia, and 23 had other diseases. In the end of treatment, there were 83 survivors and 13 nonsurvivors. 3 had died of senility, 2 of aspiration pneumonia, and 8 of other reasons. Strategies- The strategies they implemented were they’d categorize the patients into two groups: survivors and nonsurvivors. However, they excluded people with certain conditions: those with “liver or renal dysfunctions..., undergoing cancer chemotherapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation..., ICU admission during hospitalization, or operation during hospitalization”(Miura et al., 2016). One strategy implemented in this experiment was that researches gave…

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