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    Telling the story of history is a very hard thing to do for a film maker. They must take a point in time that may have expanded the course of a year or more, and make it into a one and a half to two hour movie. For the movie to be as cohesive and interesting as possible, things have to be changed and added into the story. This was the situation in the movie American Gangster. This is about a Drug kingpin leader, Frank Lucas, and his road to leading the drug industry in the New york, Harlem area.…

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    The intention of misusing or mistreating certain assets has become very common in people. Various beings have different purposes rather than being maltreated and neglected. As far as mishandling beings goes, animals are usually the victims. One of the many reasons for animals becoming extinct is the mistreatment by humans, such as trappers abusing animals of the wildlife for fashion-needs. Thousands of animals are harmed every day so that their fur can be used to produce furry coats. Animal…

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    Chapter 5 Hybridization of Wind With Solar Using Cuk and Sepic Converters This chapter presents a hybrid model of solar and wind energy. This gives the hybridization of wind with solar using the CUK and SEPIC converters. In this model the solar PV panel source is connected to the CUK converter and correspondingly the wind turbine source is given to the SEPIC converter. Solar energy and wind energy are the two renewable energy sources most common in use. Hybridizing solar and wind power sources…

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