Examples Of My Relation To The Family

My Relation to the Family I have a relatively small immediate family. I grew up with two sets of grandparents, maternal and paternal. My paternal grandparents were Lou and Gladys Neitling. Lou was in the Air Force and as he aged his health declined. He and I had a wonderful and close relationship when I was a child, but he died at the age of 76 when I was in middle school. Lou would hide treasure maps and fake treasure for me to find and dig up; he enjoyed having his grandchildren around. Lou’s wife, Gladys, outlived him for roughly five years. She and I were not as close. She always loved when we visited her in Illinois, but we never had a special relationship like I did with my grandpa. She died at the age of 81 years old. My paternal grandparents …show more content…
I do not see my family as conflicted in any way. I recall the household being calm, safe, and loving. I only recall my father and mother fighting one time in front of us kids. The fight was over my brother who broke the lawnmower by hitting a giant rock. My dad picked up the mower and threw it across the yard. Of course my mother was not happy thus beginning the fight. Besides that occurrence, my parents never really had conflicts with each other, or at least that we saw. However, my parents would get upset with my brother and I if we misbehaved or got in trouble elsewhere. We would have a discussion and maybe get sent to our rooms. I only recall being spanked once and I learned my lesson after that. To this day my parents are not ones for conflict, they jokingly argue at times, but they seem to get along well. The family as a whole, including grandparents and aunts is extremely conflicted. After my paternal grandparents passed away, my aunt Laurel became possessive about their belongings and distanced herself from her sister and my father. This has caused distress in our …show more content…
I don’t really think much about their birth order. At times, I forget that my father is the youngest sibling in his family. He has always been the one his sisters came to for help prior to the death of their parents. My dad was the person who fixed everything that broke, helped my grandparents as they aged, and more or less took a lot of the responsibilities on in the family. My mother strived to be nothing like her older sisters and she moved out of the house at an early age. She has always been financially responsible, mature, and the person who took care of her mom. Her two sisters were not mature, not responsible, and were nothing like the oldest and middle child.
Birth order and Re-marriages My immediate family that I am close to had no re-marriages and therefore the birth order of those I am close to have not changed. As I stated earlier, I do not see my aunt’s ex-husbands and they did not have many children in those marriages. Therefore none of those altered my birth order or family structure. My birth order has stayed as the youngest, and my parent’s birth order did not change either in their

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