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  • Ghost Henrik Ibsen Character Analysis

    HOW DOES THE HIERARCHY OF SOCIETY AFFECT THE SENSE OF DUTY AND MORALITY OF CERTAIN CHARACTERS IN GHOSTS? Ghosts was a play written by Henrik Ibsen, an 19th century Norwegian playwright who was credited for the creation for modern realistic drama. Ibsen specialized in portraying the stark reality of life in the 19th century. Society during that period valued facade over integrity due to the fact that the people higher up the social ladder were under greater scrutiny from others to adhere to…

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  • The Ambiguity Of Animal Emotions

    "emotion" dates back to 1579, when it was adapted from the French word émouvoir, which means "to stir up".[1]Animal emotions have been an issue of hot discussion over the centuries with discussions dating back as early as the mid 19th century when Charles Darwin wrote about animal consciousness. Since then it has occupied many a scientist. The question is: what is the basis of assuming that non-human animals have feeling? Is it just established on the mere observation of people, or is there…

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  • Analysis Of Evolution As Fact And Theory By Stephen Jay Gould

    In the essay Evolution as Fact and Theory by Stephen Jay Gould, he argues that generally, creationists miss use the terms “fact” and “theory” to attack the indisputable concept of evolution. He argues that the question scientists are attempting to answer is not whether evolution occurred, this is a fact as he defines it, but rather the question should be how evolution occurs. The essay begins by bringing forward the idea that old issues should be brought up only if there is new evidence. That…

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  • London Bridge Station Research Paper

    Design Brief: History of London Bridge Station – 500 London Bridge Station is one of the busiest stations in London and it is always changing. The first station was opened on 14 December 1836 at Tooley Street, which is currently the first and oldest station in London. It was opened by the London and Greenwich Railway (LGR). To make money they decided to lease its line and terminus to other railway companies from the south east that wanted access to London. The London and Croydon Railway…

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  • How Does Joe Gargery Influence Pip's Childhood

    Throughout his growth into early adulthood and his new life in London in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, Pip, the protagonist, is influenced by many characters. Joe Gargery, his sister’s husband, who Pip begins to resent once he starts living a wealthier life, but returns to loyally in the end; Miss Havisham, the vengeful old woman that Pip suspects to be his benefactor for the majority of the novel; Abel Magwitch, a convict, and Pip’s actual benefactor repaying him for his kindness as a…

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  • The Hunger Games Dystopian Fiction

    The first dystopian piece of fiction to be created is credited to the work of H.G. Wells, who published The Time Machine in 1895. Since The Time Machine, hundreds of thousands of dystopian fiction works have been published, making it one of the most popular genres in works with young adult audiences, be it literature or movies. The movie The Hunger Games, based on a book published in 2008 by Suzanne Collins, is one of these works of dystopian fiction. The dystopian genre has several common…

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  • Darwin's Theory Of Evolution Essay

    anecdotes to establish how much Darwin was moved to see the impact of slavery. They mention a story where he was emotionally moved to see a female slave being whipped in Argentina and certain similar mistreatments. Thus the book tries to humanize Charles Darwin more by reflecting upon the social norms, conflicts, movements and…

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  • Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Ending Analysis

    mean that they are the best endings for novels. Characters may lose their traits and development, the mood can become disconnected at the end, or it just does not fit the plot of the story. This may be true about Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens. At first, the original ending had Estella with a doctor while Pip remained single. A revised ending was written after the author’s friend conversed to him about it. It ended with the foreshadowing of a marriage between Estella and Pip…

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  • Theme Of Corruption In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    In the winter of 1995 a video game, titled Tales of Phantasia, was released for the Super Famicon. What seemed like a trivial game to be played by small children started with a profound quote: “Truly, if there is evil in this world, it lurks within the hearts of men.” Many masterpieces of literature focus on the evil of the world and its relations with humans. One such work is Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Conrad uses the cultural, physical, and geographic surroundings to shift the moral…

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  • London Of Darkness

    representation of the London of ‘light’ and the London of ‘darkness’ has evolved throughout the history of literature; this change can be explored and observed when comparing the topics of the country and the city within popular literary works of art. Within Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist the countryside is viewed as the London of ‘light’ while the city is viewed as the London of ‘darkness’. These themes are brought out by the realism Dickens uses in relation to the period in which his novel was…

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