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  • Ecocard Casino Fraud Case Study

    EcoCard Casinos Open for Canadian Players EcoCard is an EcoPayz product that is used to make safe and easy online payments. Since 2000, Eco Card has been providing an array of services supporting more than 20 currencies. This easy to use e-wallet payment system offers a convenience and flexible way to receive and make payments. The list of EcoCard Casinos that accepts players from Canada include: • Casino Cruise • Casino Tropez • Betway Casino • Euro Grand • This online…

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  • Casino Royale Film Analysis

    The early version of Casino Royale starts to push the envelope of sexualization in film with lines such as ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever gone around with a man’, ‘...Celestial Virgin of the Sacred Altar. Figuratively speaking, of course’, and ‘“Is he dead?" "Hard to tell. He always looked like that"’ in a reference to a man being a drunk. The lines of humor in the 1967 version are only borderline racy, only hinting to the…

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  • Casino Royal Film Analysis

    Thus, it’s not out-of-bounds to declare that the previous three Bond films, each of which featured Daniel Craig as Bond, were pretty epic – especially Casino Royal. However, when you set the bar high, it…

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  • Game Analysis: Casino Gaming On Android Made Easy

    Article 1 – Casino gaming on Android made easy It doesn’t matter whether you are playing on phone or tablet, Android will always make a great platform for online casino gaming. However, while the platform is undoubtedly well suited for online casino gaming, it does take a few elements to create the perfect gaming experience when playing on such a device. Thankfully, you don’t need to think too hard about what it takes, as this guide is on hand to help you out. Looking at things from a literal…

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  • Article 21: I Turned A Casino Bonus Into Real Money

    Article 21 – I turned a casino bonus into real money and you can to If you had spoke to me several years ago and ask me about online gambling, I would have told you that it is a total mugs game. I had never really being one to back it as a means to making real money, but one day that thought process was changed forever. I looked in my email inbox and saw a £50 free bet offer from a popular online casino. I honestly thought I had nothing to lose, so it got me thinking. If I can get £50 for free…

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Play At An Online Casino

    you should play at an online casino You may have played in brick and mortar casinos before, but nothing beats playing in an online casino. How can that be so? Surely you’d miss the atmosphere, and the entertainment provided at a land-based casino? Of course, but those are the only perks of doing so. You will find the perks and privileges of playing in an online casino far more compelling and numerous. There is also an added sense of liberty playing in an online casino. Read on to discover 5 very…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Live Casino Vs. Online Poker

    Live Casino vs. Online Poker One hotly debated topic in the online casino world is whether online poker is better than live dealer poker, or vice-versa. Some say yes, some say no, and others say the two cannot be compared. Whilst we wouldn’t hazard a guess at which is “better” since that really depends on your tastes, skills and needs, we can certainly compare the two. So, what can we learn from a typical live vs. online poker comparison? Differences in gameplay First up, we should take a quick…

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  • Character Analysis Of James Bond In Casino Royale

    quite as merciful and emotionally driven as our everyday heroes, which makes us wonder, is Bond a hero… or not? 2006 film Casino Royale directed by Martin Campbell, is the first of the James Bond movies to star Daniel Craig as 007. Armed with a Walther PPK and a license to kill, Bond sets out on a daring mission to defeat a lethal weapons dealer in a game of poker at Casino Royale, where the stakes are held high, however, things are not always as they seem. James Bond is definitely the MI6…

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  • Casino Royale Book Vs Movie Analysis

    portray a movie from a novel is extremely difficult. It takes countless hours of imagination and thoughts to do but in my opinion, Martin Campbell, director of Casino Royale (2006) made all the right decisions and pressed all the right buttons to successfully portray Ian Fleming 's 1953 novel version of Casino Royale. The famous book Casino Royale written by Fleming’s is his most famous and also paved the way for the rest of the coveted James Bond spy novel series that still continue today.…

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  • Bitcoin Casinos

    The proper marketing of Bitcoin casinos is becoming an essential part of succeeding in iGaming. In the past, all a casino needed to do to get a piece of the Bitcoin pie was to integrate Bitcoin payment in its infrastructure. That time is long past as more and more gaming sites are recognizing the cryptocurrency’s inherent advantages. Now, casinos should start trying to set themselves apart from their rivals by ensuring their marketing campaign makes their brand look unique and better than the…

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