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  • How Does Gambling Affect The Economy

    larger business than the airline industry, with a near 81 billion dollar revenue in 2013. American voters believe casinos improve their communities, help local economies and promote job creation. Overall, gambling is a very important aspect to the economy and will continue to improve and contribute to the economy. Gambling will continue to thrive because of the tremendous amount of…

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  • Analysis Of Online Slot Games

    featuring the very latest in online casino technology, slot games have transferred to the online domain in fairly flawless fashion. Before you sit down and wind-up the reels, take a second or two to educate yourself through an online casino portal. Learn the difference between the types of slots and more importantly learn to read the screen in front of you. The following looks at what exactly an online casino slot game is made up of. AutoSpin A popular…

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  • Gambling In Alaska

    Gambling at the casinos is an enjoyable activity in most US states. Roulette is offered by a high percentage of the US state’s casinos, unfortunately, there are no land based casinos in Alaska that can offer table games such as Roulette. Even the tribal casinos which are available in other states that don’t allow commercial gambling are not present in Alaska. In fact, Alaska is considered to be one of the stricter states in US and excited gamers who like table games and spinning slots have to…

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  • Gaming Manager Career Paper

    older, so me and my family can have fun when I am a grown up. “ when you read this you will find out what it takes to be a worker at a casino, how much you will make, what you have to do when someone cheats and the most important thing is to do whatever you can to make the guests at the casino happy”. When you are a gaming manager, you deal cards to people in a casino. The salary of being a gaming manager is $122,350 dollars. You get health insurance when you are a gaming manager, and a…

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  • Casumo Case Study

    during Q1. Play’n GO Social gaming has been something that many players have been crying out for and it seems that Casumo were listening. After much deliberation and negotiation, the company has chosen Play’n GO as the company to provide the online casino with premium gaming content moving forward. The Scandinavian brand has spoken openly about how they wish to change the perception of online gambling and it seems this new partnership with Play’n GO is one they wish to do this.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Online Gambling

    Addiction and theft are the most common causes of online gaming, but also hold many black market dealings. Stricter policies should be set on these sites such as a law that covers online casinos, the "European Union 's Third Anti-Money Laundering Directive" (Banks 120,) law could bet set on online gambling casinos to help stop money laundering, currently this law is only set in certain countries, I think it would be benefecial for us to pass this law in the United States. Another way to help…

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  • Negative Effects Of Gambling Addiction

    game, or go all in. But sadly gambling tricks and plays people into thinking that they can win a lot of money when really all they’re doing is throwing it away. With all the fabulous casinos that are located in places such as Las Vegas people enjoy playing there and get tricked into the thrill of the game by the casino owners. Once they’ve got…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Laptops

    to gamblers so that the experience never grows stale. Want to feel like you are in Las Vegas playing slots? That is the whole idea behind This casino gives you wonderful access to every slot theme that you can possibly imagine so that you have everything you could ever want on your computer. What is another reason to check out this casino? Players from the United States are allowed! More Than 400 Slots Games One of the best things about getting started on is that you will…

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  • The Death Of Bugsy: The History Of Las Vegas

    Las Vegas into a gambling mecca. Others said he had merely stopped there for a call of nature. According to popular myth, Bugsy envisioned building a large casino and hotel to which gamblers would flock. His vision was fueled by the fact that Nevada had legalized gambling in 1931. In Las Vegas, gambling was concentrated in downtown casinos along Fremont Street, whose clientele largely consisted of members of the construction crew building the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River 48 km (30 miles)…

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  • Top Trumps World Football Stars: Meta Game

    from Novomatic. Top Trumps World Football Stars If you are a fan of football and casino slots, I have some very promising news for you. There is a new game on the way in Top Trumps World Football Stars 2014 that is sure to tickle your fancy. Promising to play unlike any other slot you have played before, this game is attempting do something that so many other slots titles have failed to do, that being fuse casino game action and sports together in a single package. Going for gold, does this…

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