Beyonce Knowles the Star Essay

  • Beyonce Carles's Influence On R & B/Hip-Hop Music?

    in, R&B/Hip-Hop artists are performing provocative dance moves such as twerking, they dress provocative, and some are seen smoking illegal drugs. My inspiration for writing about “Beyoncé Knowles” influence on R&B/Hip-Hop music is a mere spark from personal experience with young teens and adults who are inspired by her music. Over the years, Knowles along…

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  • Giselle Knowles Personality Traits

    Beyoncé Giselle Knowles born September 4, 1981 in the heart of the deep south Houston, Texas. Beyoncé first captured the music industry by being the lead vocalist of the R&B group Destiny’s Child, where she later established a solo career. She has become one of the music industries top-selling artist, with an array of awards and sold-out tours under her belt. Knowles is an all around performer, also being starred in several films, with one of her most famous being Dream Girls. Knowles has…

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  • Analysis Of Knowles's 'Formation'

    To many, Beyoncé Knowles is considered one of the best artists of our time. Throughout her career, she has portrayed herself to her audience in very different ways. As her career progressed, she has been able to allow more of herself to be revealed to her audience. In Beyoncé’s video, "Formation", Beyoncé utilizes ethos to gain credibility and persuade her broad audience to recognize who she is as a person on a deeper level through references to her cultural identity and female empowerment.…

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  • Feminism In If I Were A Boy By Annette Koloyonce

    value. They define what is sexy. And men define what is feminine,” (Hobson 3). The idea of an overpowering patriarchal society is still present today and necessitates the advancement of feminist beliefs. A feminist could be described as someone who believes in political, social and economic equality of males and females alike. Feminist, Annette Kolodny, believes that feminism is about “establishing, reflecting, and maintaining an asymmetrical relationship between women and men” (Kolodny). In…

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  • Beyonce's 60th Birthday Party Analysis

    Beyonce’s Mom’s 60th New Orleans Masquerade Themed Party Talk about more than 100,000 reasons to celebrate! Tina Knowles’ 60th birthday ball was certainly that. Being the mother of music idols Beyonce and Solange surely speak volumes, and a blast was had by all. Her children chose New Orleans, a place of family beginnings to wine and dine their mom. No doubt, Tina will remember her 60th birthday party for a long time. The A-list of entertainment stars included Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland,…

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  • Age Discrimination In The Workplace Case Study

    those rare individuals who seemed to master everything she undertook. Due to her precocious intelligence and athletic prowess (at 13 she was one of the top gymnasts in New York), people called her Wonder Child. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, earned her law degree from New York University, and went to work for one of the most prestigious law firms in New York City. In 1995, she went into banking, eventually rising to be chief financial officer (CFO) of one of the largest and most…

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