Logical Fallacies In Bowling For Columbine Essay

  • Logical Fallacies In Bowling For Columbine

    The director of the documentary Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore, portrays many of today’s issues in the United States of America. American’s have a hard time with thinking things through and trying to find the root to major problems, thus resulting into a total disaster. The United States has the most gun related crimes in the world. Michael Moore tries to find the root to this problem which is seemingly unknown. Citizens and the media tend to make generalizations that try to single out people or other things as if they are the problem to the gun related crimes, but most of these generalizations are logical fallacies that are irrelevant to the actual problem. Some of the main points that I received from the film Bowling for Columbine are that guns are not the root to the problem, a major part of the problem is what the media portrays in the United States, and the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a total joke. There are ways to help lower the gun related crimes in the United States and still abide by the 2nd Amendment right in the United States Constitution, the right to bear arms. The most common logical fallacy thrown out in the argument of gun control is the abolishment of all guns. This way of thinking ignores the existence of the 2nd Amendment in the United States Constitution. Abolishing guns altogether would not solve anything. This would only raise the sales on guns in the black market. Violence would increase drastically because if the government tried to…

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  • Gun Control Argument

    dates back to the 1324 with the assassinations of President Abraham Lincoln,William McKinley, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King to name but a few well known cases. Throughout the history of America, gun violence has plagued the citizens. Americans are faced with an ever-growing problem of violence and yet guns are easily available to anyone. How can the government be so blind to all the damage it is causing? Supreme court of united states An individual right to bear arms is protected…

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