Bakken Formation

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  • Four Branches Of Forensic Anthropology

    Anthropology, the study of humankind, has four main branches: Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistic Anthropology and Physical Anthropology (Larsen 2014). Physical Anthropology focuses mainly on uncovering the mysteries of human evolution by studying fossilized bones of ancient humans and primates to determine their place in our family tree and study what circumstances led to the evolution of the modern human (Larsen 2014). There is a specialty within Physical Anthropology called…

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  • Fracking Or Hydraulic Fracturing?

    Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is a type of drilling that uses water, sand and chemicals, shot at high pressure, to release energy resources trapped inside rocks. This recently new technology for drilling allows areas that were previously inaccessible for drilling, like very concentrated rocky areas, to now be opened up through fracking to obtain natural gases and oil. The water solution used with this drilling technique produces almost the same amount of “sludge” as an after…

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  • Summary: Historical Origins Of Amusement Parks

    Bakken at Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen, Denmark, opened in 1583. A wave of advancement in the 1860s and 1870s made mechanical rides, for example, the steam-controlled merry go round (assembled by Thomas Bradshaw, at the Aylsham Fair), and its subordinates…

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