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  • Anne Sexton Research Paper

    “She is an important poet not only because of her courage in dealing with previously forbidden subjects, but because she can make the language sing” (Erica Jong). Anne Sexton was an honest and unapologetic young writer, who was unafraid of expressing the true realities of life through the medium of her poetry. As a young woman of the 50s, 60s and 70s, Anne was inspired by poets such as Sylvia Plath and Robert Lowell. The 50s and 60s were a time of oppression and sexism towards women, and Anne’s writing often challenged that of the social norms of her era. She was bold enough to incorporate topics such as abortion and addiction into her poetry; topics which were typically looked down upon. Anne Sexton rose from a risque adolescent life, struggling…

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  • Analysis Of Cinderella By Anne Sexton

    story which always seems to have the same cliché “happily ever after ending.” In the poem “Cinderella,” written by Anne Sexton, she switches up the old-fashioned mythical story by adding in a touch of mockery and telling the story with her sense of reality. Sexton’s sarcastic tone being used in the poem causes the readers to identify and get a sense of the message the version of her story gives. The use of the satirical undertone and added wit gives life to the poem and changes the reader’s…

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  • Theme Of Cinderella By Anne Sexton

    Two of the easiest poems in this collection to find the feminist message in are “Cinderella” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Sexton takes these two timeless tales and picks out the ways in which they cause readers to condescend women. She does this deftly and magically in these poems and provokes deep thoughts on the ways women are portrayed in the original tales. Sexton does her best to take the focus of her poem “Cinderella” off of how ugly the step-sisters and move it to how black…

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  • Anne Sexton Courage Analysis

    is the ability to persevere through any obstacle, it is a constant in our lives from learning to walk, to our first separation in school from our parents, to how we muster up the courage to ask for a raise at work and eventually even the courage to face our own mortality. The theme of the poem “Courage” by Anne Sexton is ultimately similar to the theme of courage found within To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee; as both handle how one copes with life along with the challenges of finding our way…

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  • Anne Sexton Cinderella Analysis

    Dear Lucy, Anne Sexton’s “Cinderella” is not like the classic fairytale we all know and love. In this version, Cinderella is portrayed as a beautiful young girl; however, she is impoverished. Ever since she was little, her father, stepmother, and stepsisters treated her with brutality. Later on, with the help of her magical dove, Cinderella gets her wish of going to the ball, where her and Prince Charming meet. In contrast to the original fairytale, Prince Charming has an absence of…

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  • Lady Lazarus Sylvia Plath Analysis

    On the other hand there is Plath. As it was earlier mentioned critics define Sylvia Plath as a confessional poet, pre-feminist, suicidal poet who is obsessed to a certain extent with the theme of death. In Lady Lazarus the narrator is in 1st person this is shown through the use of “I”. The narrator is a narcissist who is obsessed with the idea of death and makes herself be undefeatable against death as she is “a sort of walking miracle.” This is one of the reasons why critics associated it as…

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  • Anne Sexton Her Kind Analysis

    The poem “Her Kind,” written by Anne Sexton, is like a walk down the speaker’s memory lane; a dark and twisted memory lane. Anne Sexton, an American poet, was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1938 and at a point in her life she suffered from a mental breakdown; and eventually committed suicide (815). Sexton’s poem is written about the speaker’s past self and experiences; we could assume that the speaker of the poem is actually her. The speaker is reminiscing on many of the things that she has…

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  • Climax Of The Poem Cinderella By Anne Sexton

    and her prince are forever seen frozen in their happily ever after. Anne Sexton’s poem Cinderella presents us with the question of why society views Cinderella as the ultimate fairytale of happily ever after. Sexton’s shows us that real life doesn’t give us room for fairytales in this dark, cynical, sarcastic toned poem. Sexton starts her poem with four stanzas of what we can consider modern day rags to riches stories, a stereotypical example of what happens when…

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  • The Starry Night Anne Sexton Analysis

    While Anne Sexton and Robert Fagles were both inspired by the Van Gogh painting The Starry Night, they execute their ideas into two similar yet very different poems. Primarily, despite the fact that both poems are named after the same painting, the subject, their experiences, and the speaker of each poem are different. Additionally, both poets stimulate the reader’s senses through different images to evoke a similar gloomy atmosphere and convey the theme of death and madness. Thus, Sexton and…

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  • Her Kind Anne Sexton Summary

    Anne Sexton’s poem, “Her Kind,” is a portrayal of a women who do not fit into society. The women of the poem are independent and powerful. Sexton uses two voices in each stanza. Each stanza describes a woman who is an outcast. These descriptions are based on stereotypes of women who go against the norms of society. The repetition of “a woman like that” and “I have been her kind” uncovers the true speaker of the poem. “Her Kind” reveals the expectations society has placed on women and how denying…

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